Sierra Jackson exposes more hateful comments after calling out online racism

Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson claps back at hateful comments. Pic credit: ABC

Sierra Jackson had a lot to say during the explosive Women Tell All, and she’s continued to be outspoken online. 

Having received backlash from some viewers, Sierra has not hesitated to speak her mind and call out hateful comments, especially racially offensive remarks. 

Despite the hate she’s received, Sierra was also very clear about not having any regrets and standing by everything she said at the Women Tell All. 

Sierra Jackson puts hateful comments on blast 

Monsters & Critics previously reported that Sierra was using her platform to expose racism in her comment section. 

Unfortunately, the racially motivated insults have continued, and Sierra posted more of the hateful comments she received to her Instagram story.

A commenter told Sierra, “Yo, you’re an overt racist. People need to distance themselves from people like you. You’re straight trash and Clayton along with every other man on earth has made the right decision by running the f**k away from you.”

Another comment read, “You went home Night 2? No one knows who you are. Loser. Tryna make a name for yourself. Go back to working at McDonalds you foolish thug.” 

Sierra called out two more of their racist comments that read, “PREACH! This woman is a straight hood rat” and “Yessir. Disgusting. She belongs in a ghetto somewhere talking too loud. Not on the bachelor lol.” 

Along with the comments, Sierra wrote, “More racism for y’a” 

Sierra Jackson
Pic credit: @sierrajackzen/Instagram

Sierra elaborated on her thoughts in another Instagram story post, writing, “At this point I’m just gonna let y’all be racist. Have at it. Enjoy. Not my first rodeo.” 

Sierra Jackson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @sierrajackzen/Instagram

Sierra Jackson says editing made the Women Tell All look like the ‘Sierra show’ 

Sierra Jackson was one of the most vocal women during the Women Tell All as she confronted season villains Cassidy Timbrooks and Shanae Ankney and The Bachelor lead, Clayton Echard.

Sierra came under fire for being outspoken during the Women Tell All, and she took to Twitter to address the backlash.

Sierra called out the irony over her receiving criticism when Shanae was hardly held accountable for her comments on ADHD, tweeting, “A WOC that talks too much is worse than a white women that makes fun of mental differences. Let that sink in, America.” 

Sierra Jackson's tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

Sierra also admitted that she was annoyed with her Women Tell All portrayal while still standing by what she said during the show.

Sierra tweeted, “Y’all, I was annoyed w/ the #WomenTellAll too! I don’t regret anything I said & stand by ALL of it. It’s sad they edited out so much of others and kept a majority of me throughout the hours of filming there was. It does make it look like the ‘Sierra show’ & I don’t even like it.” 

Sierra Jackson tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

Along with enduring hateful comments, Sierra also acknowledged receiving some validation after the recent episode of The Bachelor when Clayton Echard brutally sent Susie Evans home during fantasy suite week. 

Viewers began to understand why Sierra grilled Clayton at the Women Tell All, leading Sierra to tweet, “Now y’all wanna have my back after WTA?! Lol after seeing him gaslight my girl. THANK YOU – phew.” 

Sierra Jackson tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

As Bachelor Nation continues to ridicule Clayton Echard for his behavior with Susie, it appears Sierra feels people are finally becoming privy to what she knew all along. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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