Sheree Whitfield takes aim at Tyrone Gilliams, says she was celibate because he was ‘terrible’ in bed

Sheree Whitfield
Sheree Whitfield spills all of the tea on her ex-boyfriend, Tyrone. Pic credit: @shereewhitfield/Instagram

Viewers were thrilled when Bravo announced that OG Real Housewife of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield would return to the series for Season 14. With her quick wit and iconic reads, Sheree has always been a fan favorite.

Fans were also excited because they knew that Sheree’s relationship with ex-con Tyrone Gilliams would be a major storyline of the season. Tyrone was recently released from prison after serving a 10-year sentence for wire fraud.

But since his release and filming started on Season 14, Tyrone seemed to have a change of heart about his relationship with Sheree, who waited on him for years while he was incarcerated.

Viewers were furious when Sheree was left on the streets of Philadelphia alone after traveling two hours from NYC, stood up by Tyrone because he didn’t want to film. The usually strong and stoic Sheree broke down in tears when production told her Tyrone wasn’t going to show. That was the last straw for the She by Sheree designer.

Now it seems that Sheree and Tyrone’s relationship is through, and she is spilling the tea about their time together and giving Tyrone a taste of his own medicine.

Sheree was a guest on Watch What Happens Live this week, and Bravo chief Andy Cohen asked her directly, “Why did you two really decide to be celibate? Was the sex not good?” Her answer was as shady as Sheree could get.

Sheree Whitfield says how she feels about Tyrone Gilliams

“It was horrible,” Sheree said about their sex life, laughing. It wasn’t a joke, though, because she followed up with, “I realized one day, I’m not gonna spend the rest of my life just not satisfied.”

Sheree initially told the ladies that she and Tyrone were being celibate because she wanted Tyrone to prove he was truly committed to being in a committed relationship with her. Now we know it was for a different reason.

Tyrone had been residing in a halfway house in Philadelphia after his early release from prison due to COVID-19. Sheree was ready to start her life with him after he was finished at the halfway house, but his actions showed her that she needed to end the relationship.

Sheree and Tyrone did end up filming after the Philadelphia incident, and previews show Tyrone at the She by Sheree fashion show later in the season.

Is Sheree Whitfield still with Tyrone Gilliams?

Andy asked Sheree when the last time she had had contact with Tyrone was. She answered, “It was a couple months ago. Since the scene in Philly [aired], I have not heard from him.” After the couple spent years together, it seems like a sad ending for Sheree.

But she doesn’t seem unhappy about the situation, and told Andy that now she is satisfied!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Deborah Blackmore
Deborah Blackmore
1 year ago

Why would you slander him now that you have a new boo? As long as you were with him, you didn’t speak on it? Karma is coming. Trust.