Sheree Whitfield filming Real Housewives of Atlanta with Tyrone Gilliams again after sketchy scene set him off

RHOA star Sheree Whitfield and ex Tyrone Gilliams recently filed scenes together after their falling out.
Sheree Whitfield has reconciled with Tyrone Gilliams. Pic credit: ©

Things appear to be back on track between Real Housewives of Atlanta OG Sheree Whitfield and her prison bae Tyrone Gilliams.

After a hiatus, Sheree returned for Season 14 and things were going well for her and Tyrone until an unfortunate incident some time ago which involved filming the show. The pair stopped speaking following the incident and Tyrone later took legal action against the Bravo network.

The drama ensued when Sheree attempted to film a scene with Tyrone back in November after his early release from prison– following his 2013 sentence for wire fraud. Tyrone was meant to serve ten years but was released early and put on home confinement. But a sketchy move by Sheree almost cost him his freedom.

Sheree Whitfield is back filming scenes with Tyrone Gilliams

After Tyrone’s release, he and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star picked up right where they left off– that is until Sheree brought a camera crew to Philidelphia to film a scene with him.

Meeting up with Sheree at a restaurant to film would have broken the terms of Tyrone’s home confinement and could have landed him back in jail. Tyrone not only got upset with Sheree for putting him in that situation he sent a cease and desist to Bravo, NBC as well as Truly Original–the production company behind RHOA.

According to TMZ, the situation led to a major fallout between the couple and they stopped speaking for several months as a result. However, the media outlet recently reported that we will most likely see Tyrone on RHOA after all.

Their source revealed that Tyrone and Sheree have actually filmed several scenes together for the show.

Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone Gilliams filmed scenes for the Season 14 finale

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her on/off-again beau Tyrone appear to be back on amid news that they were caught filming scenes together.

Since firing off a cease and desist to the network, Tyrone’s situation has changed. TMZ reported that he is no longer on home confinement which has now made it possible for him to film scenes for the show.

Tyrone and his attorneys came to a mutual agreement with the show’s production company, Truly Original so he has been filming with Sheree and her RHOA castmates in Atlanta since “mid-February.”

Tyrone and Sheree’s latest scenes were filmed for the Season 14 finale which featured a fashion show hosted by Sheree– mostly likely for her long-awaited SHE by Sheree clothing line.

The brand has been a dream for the OG for several seasons but took so long to materialize that it became a running joke. However, it seems the line of lux joggers and other cozy attire has finally come to fruition and we will see it all play out in Season 14.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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