Shaun Robinson fires back at 90 Day Fiance fan who says Joel McHale would be a better Tell All host

Shaun Robinson 90 Day Fiance Tell All host.
90 Day Fiance Tell All host Shaun Robinson has a message or fans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Shaun Robinson is firing back at a 90 Day Fiancé fan who says Joel McHale would be a better Tell All host than her. She is not here for people suggesting someone else do her job.

The social media exchange has turned into a war of words, with a few different fans chiming in on the hot topic. Some users think Shaun went too far in trying to defend her job, with a threat against a fan.

What did the fan say about Joel McHale?

For those who don’t know, Joel recently hosted the Tiger King reunion special on Netflix. The comedian and actor is being praised for his latest gig. Joel is a pro at hosting, having done it for years on the E! show The Soup. It is no surprise fans loved him.

One social media user is a huge fan of Joel’s hosting skills. The person shared a picture of Joel asking, “Can this guy do all the Tell All’s from now on?” In the caption of the post, user @youresolazy stated Joel was just what 90 Day Fiancé Tell All needed and included TLC network in the comment.

What did Shaun fire back at the fan?

Shaun was upset at the notion she should be replaced at her job. The host clapped back by suggesting she would need to check with the fan’s bosses first to see what they thought about the fan’s opinion. Shaun even mentioned several names of people she knows who work at the company, Dataminr, the fan’s place of employment.

@ youresolazy then reposted Shaun’s reply as a new post. The new post included comments about how Shaun’s response was uncalled for. Threatening to get a person’s bosses involved for a difference of opinion was a bit much.

Updates regarding the drama flooded the Instagram account, including a screenshot from Starcasm, which was first to report Shaun’s clap back.

It is unlikely Shaun Robinson will be replaced as host of 90 Day Fiancé Tell All episodes. However, the future of the reunion show is in flux. The production company behind the Tell All shows has been shut down permanently.

In February, Variety broke the news that NBC Universal was shutting down Peacock Production, the company behind the Tell All specials. The shakeup has left fans concerned their favorite show will no longer get an end of season episode full of explosive drama.

What do you think of Shaun’s reaction to a fan suggesting that Joel McHale take over her job?

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4 years ago

NO, NO, NO and just NO! This “dude” tries way too hard and comes off as an egotistical jerk…….”cool cats and kittens?” hahahahaha, dude, you are not a hippie, nor would you make a good hippie! As far as the Tell All…NO AGAIN…Shaun, stay right where you are at, you were made for the job and it wouldn’t be the same without you!!!!!!

2 years ago

Maybe not him, but she definitely needs to be replaced. All she does is repeat what the couples are saying and never asks any questions of value. Id rather have the chick who did the Jersey Shore reunions at this point