Shannon Beador gets called out by David Beador’s wife for claiming she sent them a baby gift

Shannon Beador during an episode of RHOC
Lesley Beador accuses Shannon Beador or lying about sending a baby gift to her and David. Pic credit: Bravo

David Beador, the ex-husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador, recently had a baby with his new wife, Lesley Cook.

David and Lesley announced their marriage via social media on October 15 and she immediately took David’s last name.

The two became engaged in January of last year after dating for just under 3 years.

David started his relationship with Lesley after being married to Shannon for 17 years. He and Shannon share daughters Sophie, Stella, and Adeline.

David and Lesley welcomed their newborn daughter last month. Shannon shared with Us Weekly that she sent a gift for the newborn to David and Lesley. However, Lesley called her out for lying.

Lesley calls out Shannon for lying about sending a gift

Shannon revealed to Us Weekly that she sent the gift along with her daughters.

She said, “I sent a gift. I mean, I sent it with the kids [we share], so I don’t know [how David feels about it].”

Shannon explained that she and David have had a difficult time co-parenting because their communication has not been great. She claimed that David did not want to speak with her at all.

She said, “I’ve come to accept it. He just had a baby…so, I’m sure he has his hands full.”

Although Shannon claimed to have sent a gift, Lesley recently took to her Instagram stories to call Shannon out for lying about the gift.

Captured by a Twitter user, Lesley referenced Shannon’s interview and wrote, “Another fake story. This didn’t happen. Please just let us be.”

Shannon and boyfriend John Janssen

While it’s clear Shannon’s drama with David is far from over, she has moved on and is happy in her relationship with boyfriend, John Janssen.

Shannon has been dating John since 2019 and they have spent a lot of time together.

On the most recent season of RHOC, John and Shannon both contracted COVID-19 and the quarantine appeared to strain their relationship as Shannon’s anxiety managed to get the best of her.

Shannon explained that being together day in and day out took it’s toll and like anyone, they had a difficult time.

During the season finale, Shannon explained, “I just want to say, my marriage was so bad and I just didn’t know if I could ever get into a happy place again. And when I met John, it was like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me? Life can be this way?”

She added, “So when there became arguments and bickering and things that happened during COVID, I was devastated that it wasn’t that perfect fairytale.”

Shannon described how the idea of a fairy tale put too much pressure on their relationship but she knows they love each other and they have worked through their issues and are happy.

Shannon has yet to comment on Lesley’s Instagram post.

The Real Housewives of Orange County are currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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