Shannon and Genny end besties friendship after leaving Love Island USA

Shannon and Genny on Love Island USA
Shannon and Genny on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Genny Shawcross came to Casa Amor on Love Island USA, things looked like they were going to get crazy.

Shannon St. Clair and Genny knew each other as Genny was Shannon’s little sister’s best friend. Earlier this year, the three partied with millionaire Dave Portnoy, who Shannon was connected with as dating.

The drama started at the recoupling when Shannon made snide comments about Genny after Jeremy Hershberg chose to couple up with her.

The two seemed to make up in the villa and when Genny left she told Shannon how happy she was for her.

That has all ended now, as Shannon has talked trash about Genny and the two have broken off their “besties” friendship completely.

Genny says Shannon was talking trash after leaving Love Island USA

People had been asking both Genny and Shannon about their status as besties after they left the show.

Genny made their relationship clear in an Instagram Live message.

“What Shannon and Josh said about me is completely untrue which is why I decided to cut Shannon off after I thought we were both good,” Genny wrote.

Genny explained the “raunchy” comments on Love Island USA and said it was because Shannon brought up some personal information about her past and Genny responded by bringing up something about Shannon.

“We both engaged in conversation about it and both took it too far,” Genny said.

She went on to say that even though Shannon started the talk by revealing things from Genny’s past that she then turned it around and placed the blame on Genny.

“I was blamed for it and of course, took the blame, because I’m always the bigger person and I apologized,” Genny said.

However, when Shannon got out and started talking about her again, Genny said she finally unfollowed Shannon on Instagram.

“I don’t want to hear anyone commenting on my age or maturity again when I have been nothing but the bigger person and mature during this entire situation that has already affected my mental health and reputation,” Genny wrote.

When asked about posting this, Genny said she has the right to defend herself.

“I unfollowed Shannon because she said really hurtful things about me in interviews,” Genny said. “For my mental health I needed to cut out all negativity.”

“I’m allowed to protect myself.”

Genny from Love Island USA on Instagram
Pic credit: @genny.shawcross/Instagram

Shannon responds to Genny on Instagram

Shannon was asked about Genny and she acted like she had no idea why Genny unfollowed her.

When asked if they were on good terms, Shannon said “I thought we were! But then she unfollowed Josh and I, honestly it’s for the better! I don’t want any more drama or hurtful comments from her.”

When Genny explained her stance that she blocked Shannon for saying hurtful things about her, Shannon turned it back around on Genny.

“Genny has said disgusting things regarding Josh’s sisters death and how ‘annoying it was that he got followers from his sister passing,'” Shannon wrote.

Shannon from Love Island USA on Instagram
Pic credit: shannonsaint/Instagram

“She isn’t relevant and I don’t want to give her more attention bc that’s what she wants from this. Some people just want the clout and I’m not giving her it.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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