Several ‘villains’ from The Bachelor franchise go ice skating, poke fun at their past controversies

Tammy Ly, Anna Redman, and Katie Thurston
Stars from The Bachelor franchise have a fun winter outing together. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation stars love hanging out with each other long after their seasons’ end and recently a notably notorious bunch from The Bachelor franchise got together. 

A group touted as the “controversial crew” due to their villainous and or scrutinized moments within the franchise got together to go eat, ice skate, and poke fun at their reputations. 

Bachelor Nation stars have a fun day on the ice 

The infamous group in question included couples Katie Thurston and boyfriend John Hersey as well as Chris Conran and girlfriend Alana Milne. Also in attendance during various parts of the gathering were Anna Redman, Tammy Ly, Chasen Nick, and Spencer Robertson, who arrived late on Tayshia Adam’s season of The Bachelorette and quickly became disliked by the men in the house.

The Bachelor Nation stars in attendance shared videos from their time ice skating, making TikToks that embraced their controversial status within Bachelor Nation. 

Good friend to plenty of Bachelor Nation stars, Stephen Lovegrove was also there and shared a photo of the stars on the ice. 

Lovegrove wrote, “nobody else in the world I’d rather spend an afternoon with than these amazing friends.” 

The Bachelor franchise stars ice skate
Pic credit: @drlovegrove/Instagram

Bachelor Nation stars find the humor in their controversies 

In a post that featured several videos from the star-studded gathering, the gang clearly had fun being together as they could all relate to facing backlash from Bachelor Nation at one point or another. 

In the first video, Katie and Anna Redman get ready with text over the video that reads “When BN hates you” along with audio from Kylie Jenner and her daughter. In the second video, The Bachelor alumni ice skate and mouth the words to another popular TikTok audio. 

In the third video, several members from the group partake in a TikTok trend and address their controversial and embarrassing moments from the show.

Tammy Ly references the moment she mistook David Spade for entirely different comedian Dave Chapelle on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

Katie Thurston referenced a more current controversy as critics have questioned how she could enter a relationship with John Hersey so soon after being engaged to Blake Moynes. 

Chris and Alana addressed their own Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 controversy as the couple came under fire for seemingly being in a relationship before coming to paradise. 

Anna Redman simply used the ? emoji for her part of the video, seemingly in reference to those that make fun of her often visible pearly whites. 

Finally, Chasen Nick referenced the flack he received for calling Tayshia Adams a smoke show on The Bachelorette. 

In the fourth video, Katie pans across the group and suggests she’s not mad at the person who deemed them the “controversial crew” while the Grinch theme song plays in the back. 

In the final video of the post, Lovegrove shared a video of the group all hanging out and having a good time. He wrote, “When you look around and suddenly realize…you are in a room full of alleged villains.”

The “alleged villains” all seemed to have had a good time and have made strides since the public ups and downs they faced within The Bachelor franchise. 

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC. 

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