Serena Chew celebrates 26th birthday with Bachelor Nation stars  

Serena Chew
Serena Chew parties with Bachelor Nation stars for her birthday. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 25 star Serena Chew recently turned 26.

Serena celebrated by reuniting with several of her fellow The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise costars.

The Bachelor Nation star took to social media to give followers a glimpse of the festivities.

Serena Chew links up with Bachelor Nation stars for her birthday

Serena Chew first appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and, while she didn’t leave the show with a new fiance, she made lots of friends she remains in contact with. 

For her 26th birthday, Serena got together with several familiar faces from The Bachelor franchise.

Serena linked up with Bachelor Nation star Pieper James who shared a video compilation of the two living it up in the city while wishing Serena a happy birthday. Ratchet Happy Birthday by Drake played over the video as Serena and Pieper appeared celebratory in the clips. 

Serena reshared Pieper’s video to her Instagram story with appreciative emojis. 

Serena Chew's Instagram story
Pic credit: @serenerz/Instagram

One of Serena’s birthday festivities appeared to include a bottomless birthday brunch, and the brunch was attended by fellow Bachelor Nation stars and NY residents Chelsea Vaughn and Serena Pitt. 

Chelsea shared a TikTok video that gave viewers a glimpse into their fun-filled brunch. 

In the video, Serena Pitt and Serena Chew chugged down some alcohol while Chelsea Vaughn chowed down on a plate of pasta. Chelsea joked that their brunch party concluded early as she teased being in bed by 4 p.m. 

Chelsea captioned the post, “pov: you went to your friends bottomless birthday brunch.” 

Chelsea Vaughn lives it up in Los Angeles with Bachelor Nation stars 

Along with partying with Serena Chew for her birthday in NY, Chelsea Vaughn has been busy being an influencer with other Bachelor Nation stars as well.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Chelsea enjoyed a trip to Los Angeles with several women from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. 

The women included Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Khaylah Epps, and Anna Redman. 

The ladies all stayed in a gorgeous house as they made videos, went out, and showed off their various senses of style.

While Abigail, Serena Pitt, and Anna Redman have all found relationships within The Bachelor franchise, time will tell if Chelsea and Serena Chew decide to return to Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at love. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.  

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