Matt James’ fan-favorite Bachelor contestants reunite in LA

Matt James' contestants
Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Anna Redman, Chelsea Vaughn, and Khaylah Epps reunite. Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Several fan-favorite contestants from Matt James’ Season of The Bachelor reunited for a girls’ trip to LA this week.

Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Chelsea Vaughn, Anna Redman, and Khaylah Epps moved into the Hey Maeve House for the week. The group was generous with content, sharing their dinner, pilates, and influencer adventures as they posed for photos and videos.

The group stunned in evening wear as they poked fun at their post-show work statuses and Abigail charging her cochlear implants in the bar.

Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Chelsea Vaughn, and more reunite in LA

The five girls became close during Matt James’ Season before Abigail, Serena, Chelsea, and Anna all went on to star on Bachelor in Paradise.

It appears their bond is still solid as the group took on LA together. Abigail and Serena were the first to meet up as they grabbed a coffee before heading to the house.

The pair joked around as they got ready for a late-night dinner reservation, with Abigail donning a black slit dress and Serena sporting a two-piece cream top and pants set. The two appeared thrilled to be back together as Serena teasingly jumped in front of Abigail to show off her look.

Abigail Heringer's Instagram story
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

They were joined by Anna, wearing a pale green ruched dress, Khaylah in eye-catching white, and Chelsea in a two-piece sheer pink outfit.

Abigail Heringer's Instagram story
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Khaylah took to her Instagram story to show off their style and double down on the group’s lasting connection.

“Guess who???? B25 still thick as thieves,” she captioned a shot of herself and Chelsea posing for a mirror selfie.

Khaylah's Instagram story
Pic credit: @spperk/Instagram

Matt James’ contestants reunited in the HEYMAEVE House

Things weren’t quite smooth sailing, however, as Abigail realized she’d forgotten one of her cochlear implant batteries. The Bachelor in Paradise star was a good sport as she charged her battery while out to dinner and joked to her fans, “turn sound on to hear what I’m hearing lol,” on a silent video clip.

Abigail Heringer
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Despite the blunder, the girls were up bright and early for a group Pilates session in matching skin-tight blue workout sets.

Abigail Heringer
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

The group also took the time to gush on their home for the week, called the HEYMAEVE House, connected to the lifestyle brand of the same name.

Chelsea Instagram
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

The group has not yet revealed if the trip is solely a fun get-together or if they have something more in the works.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.  

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