Selling Sunset: Will Chelsea be the new villain?

Selling Sunset's Chelsea Lazkani is being prepped to become the show's new villain.
Chelsea Lazkani is preparing to be the new villain on Selling Sunset. Pic credit: @chelsealazkani/Instagram

Selling Sunset is preparing for its upcoming season and hoping to find someone to become the show’s new villain.

Since its inception, many fans believed Christine Quinn fit the role perfectly. The realtor and model seemed to have issues with multiple women at The Oppenheim Group and was the center of most arguments.

At the end of Season 5, Christine revealed she was leaving the show to pursue her own business ventures.

Her departure not only left a void at her former job in real estate but also left Selling Sunset producers desperate to find someone to step into her high-heeled shoes and be the show’s new mean girl.

While some fans believe Chrishell Stause is on track to becoming the most disliked cast member, it seems that producers have their eyes set on Chelsea Lazkani to take the throne.

With Chelsea and Christine having become close friends on the show, it’s possible she’ll be pushed into the villain role for the upcoming season.

Is Chelsea Lazkani ready to become the villain on Selling Sunset?

According to reports from TMZ, producers on Selling Sunset have already talked to Chelsea about potentially becoming the villain for its upcoming new season.

With Christine gone, the show is looking for someone to stir the pot, be a bit rebellious, and keep the women on their toes. TMZ says producers are hoping Chelsea is up for the challenge as they believe she can be successful in this role.

Chelsea joined the show during Season 5 and immediately befriended Christine. Throughout the season, the two bonded as Christine filled Chelsea in on all the office drama. While Chelsea felt she had no issues with the other women, she appeared to side with Christine during conflicts.

It seems that producers are hoping some of Christine’s edge has rubbed off on Chelsea. With filming about to start, they are betting on her to take on the bad girl persona and keep the drama alive at The Oppenheim Group.

Season 6 of Selling Sunset will welcome new faces

Christine is not the only one leaving the show as the new season approaches. Veteran realtor Maya Vander has also announced she is exiting the series.

With two big names gone, the show is hoping the addition of some fresh faces will spice things up and keep viewers engaged.

Season 6 will introduce two new cast members. Nicole Young, who has been working for The Oppenheim Group for years, will now join the ladies on set. Nicole is good friends with her boss, Jason Oppenheim, as well as Mary Fitzgerald, and believes she will be a great addition to the show.

Model Bre Tiesi is the second new cast member. The young mother who shares a child with Nick Cannon has not been in the spotlight long but is ready for this new venture. She is experienced in real estate and hopes to help potential buyers appreciate the culture and diversity of the Los Angeles market.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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