Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn bought a tiger as a security measure after getting death threats

Christine Quinn has solidified her spot as the villain on the successful Netflix show, Selling Sunset. Pic Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s smash hit, Selling Sunset has viewers addicted to the drama of the real estate agents and the lavish Los Angeles homes they sell.

Christine Quinn, arguably one of the most hated cast members, is feeling the heat for having her marvelous address displayed on the hit show.

Christine gets the house she wants

The Hollywood Hills home that she shares with her software engineer husband has major sentimental value. The lavish home features a game room, bar, movie theater, and a huge swimming pool.

On the show, she explains she was the realtor of the house that the couple currently lives in.

Growing up from humble beginnings, she couldn’t have imagined her future would be living in a five million dollar home.

Although she was showing the home to potential buyers, she would envision herself living her daily life there.

Everything worked in her favor as not only did she meet her new husband, but he also bought her dream home for them to live in together.

She started receiving threats after Selling Sunset premiered

From the huge windows to the all-glass front door, it’s understandable why Christine beefed up her security when she started receiving death threats. It’s no secret that Christine is portrayed as a mean girl on the show and that hate has followed her off-camera.

In typical Christine fashion, she thanked her haters and said, “I’m thankful to be in this position. You’re only hated if you’ve done something great. That’s how I like to look at it.”

Being the diva she is, she didn’t go the conventional route when it came to security. The death threats were terrifying, and since the house made its debut on the show – it was very easy to figure out where she lived.

While she has done traditional armed guards and dogs in the past, she found someone who trains tigers as pets and decided to get one.

No stranger to exotic animals, she’s adjusted well to the new addition. “When we’ve had the tiger, he isn’t even on a leash. I’ve been within a foot of him and I wasn’t nervous at all. He is so friendly,” she revealed.

Do you think the tiger was a great idea or an accident waiting to happen?

Season 1-3 of Selling Sunset is currently available on Netflix. 

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