Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and DWTS pro Keo Motsepe seemingly announce their relationship on social media

Chrishell recently announced her new romance on social media. Pic credit: Netflix

Apart from the success of Selling Sunset and appearing on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars, Chrishell Stause has a new reason to smile.

It sounds like a love connection formed on set as Chrishell announced her relationship with DWTS-pro Keo Motsepe.

She recently revealed she was ready to date again

After season 3 featured her divorce as a major storyline, Chrishell admitted her time on the dancing show was therapeutic.

Being on the ABC show forced her to open up her personal life to the cameras, which forced her to confront her emotions about her highly publicized breakup.

A year later, since her split, she revealed she was finally ready to date again. However, it was bad timing due to the global pandemic.

Lucky for her, she may have found a connection where she least expected it. Before posting the announcement that shocked fans, Chrishell took to Instagram live to get ready with fans.

When asked where she was going, she coyly said, “for some dinner,” and it was apparent the real estate agent was going on a date.

They made the announcement on social media

Chrishell shocked fans by announcing her new relationship on Instagram. Pic Credit: @chrishell.stause/Instagram

Looking cozy, the couple posts their new coupledom on Instagram with a series of photos.

Earlier in the day, she shared a video of them working out on her Instagram stories, but no one suspected a romantic spark.

It’s safe to say fans were happy to see a new couple form from DWTS.

Fans were not expecting this new couple. Pic Credit: @chrishell.stause/Instagram

Even fellow DWTS cast member Nev Schulman posted his approval and commented, “THIS. IS. SO. CUTE” on Keo’s post.

Rumors swirled a couple of weeks ago that Chrishell was why her DWTS partner Gleb Savchenko and his wife separated.

His ex-wife went as far as publically accusing him of infidelity and even released a statement to People Magazine saying, “Gleb’s ongoing infidelity and a recent inappropriate relationship has created turmoil in our marriage and absolutely torn our family apart.”

Chrishell’s right-hand woman Amanza Smith quickly came to her defense and called it a PR stunt.

It turns out she was actually dating one of Gleb’s good friends Keo.

Did you see this couple coming?

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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