Seeking Sister Wife fans sound off on polygamy, why they think Kaleh really left the Clarks

The Clarks of Seeking Sister Wife
After Kaleh left Jarod and Vanessa, Seeking Sister Wife fans sounded off and expressed why they think she left. Pic credit: TLC

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife were upset this season when their potential sister wife, Kaleh, left them and fans of the show had their own reasons why they think she did.

This season, viewers have watched as the Clarks moved into a new home and adjusted to life with their potential sister wife, Kaleh.

Kaleh’s work schedule was a big reason for her split from the Clarks

Kaleh was having trouble adjusting to her role within the family, as she wanted to work a lot of hours, and Jarod wasn’t happy about her spending so much time outside of the home.

Vanessa also worked full-time, so it was expected that Kaleh would tend to the house chores and the Clark’s four young children while Jarod and Vanessa were at work.

When the pandemic hit, Kaleh decided to quarantine separately from the family, further magnifying their issues. Kaleh finally decided to go her own way, leaving Jarod and Vanessa upset.

After quarantining separately, Kaleh and the Clarks called it quits

Jarod told viewers during the episode that after a phone call with Kaleh, he and Vanessa decided it was time for things to come to an end between the three of them. Vanessa admitted that she couldn’t “force” their relationship and that she needed to allow Kaleh to “grow as she sees fit.”

Many fans of the show felt that Kaleh was too young and independent to tie herself down to house chores and child-rearing duties all day

The Clarks of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Instagram
Fans of the show spoke out about why they think Kaleh really left the Clarks. Pic credit: @TLC/Instagram

“She made the rt decision she’s young pretty smart to take on four other kids that not yours and another wife is too much,” said one fan of the show.

Another remarked, “They wanted a Nanny.”

One commenter thought the relationship was “creepy”: “I’m glad she left! She looked like their daughter anyway and it was to creepy to watch.”

Another said, “Smart girl.She got away from this craziness.”

The Clarks of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Instagram
Many fans were glad Kaleh left the Clarks. Pic credit: @TLC/Instagram

Even more fans of the show spoke out and didn’t get good vibes from the relationship

One fan thought Kaleh should be free of household chores: “Yeah do your own dishes now b****??,” they wrote.

“Is just me i sem them as very manipulative and controlling she can’t have a job, if she does not have a job mo $$ and she will be under his power!” said another commenter.

The Clarks’ relationship with Kaleh didn’t sit well with one fan: “That relationship didn’t sit well with me.Although she’s grown,she has no womanly features at all.She looks like a child..The scene when he kissed her and she called him SIR made me cringeMade me question him…and he’s a high school teacher??? Hmmm”

Fans of the show watched as the Clarks moved on from their split with Kaleh and entertained a new prospective sister wife named Emily.

Viewers will have to wait until next week to find out how Emily’s dinner with the Clarks went and to see if she was a match for the polygamous family.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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