Sean Lowe is caught on his ring doorbell acting like a cat and jokes ’Don’t have kids’

Sean Lowe
Sean Lowe gets caught on his ring doorbell, acting like a cat. Pic credit: ABC

Sean Lowe, America’s much-loved Bachelor from Season 17 back in January 2013, still has Bachelor Nation’s heart, along with his wife, Catherine Giudici.

He chose Catherine on his season of The Bachelor as his final rose recipient, and the two got married about a year after he proposed to her on the show.

He and Catherine had their first child, a son named Samuel in 2016, their second child, another son named Isaiah in 2018, and then a daughter they named Mia in 2019. Needless to say, the duo has their hands full with their three young children.

Sean Lowe took to Instagram to show what his ring doorbell caught last Saturday morning

In fact, Sean just took to his Instagram to post a video that his ring doorbell captured of him going out his front door and onto his front porch this past Saturday morning after being woken up by one of his kids at 5:00 a.m.

As the video started, it was still dark outside, and Sean followed one of his sons out the front door. His son was holding a pumpkin in his hands that lit up.

Sean’s son wanted to see if his light-up pumpkin would also light up the sky if he pointed it up toward the sky. After realizing it would not, he pointed the pumpkin on their house and yelled, “Ahhh Ahhh, there’s a pumpkin on our house!”

Sean then has to act like a kitty cat per his son

As the young boy moved the pumpkin with the light around on the outside of the house and porch, he then told his dad, “Let’s play kitty cat catch the light, ok?!”

He looked at his dad and stated, “You’re the kitty cat. You have to catch this light.” Hilariously then, Sean bent over and stepped toward the light on the sidewalk as he said, “Meow…Meow.”

Not completely happy with Sean’s cat-like posture and acting, his son exclaimed, “No, you have to do like a little kitty cat, like a frog one.”

After showing a great deal of patience, Sean got down on his hands and knees while laughing and meowed again twice more. After getting up, he headed back toward the front door to go inside.

He looked back at his son, still laughing, and said, “Come on, buddy. Hey, should we go get donuts?” After Sean asked that question, the video on his Instagram cut off.

While Sean was a good sport, he did write, as a joke, at the beginning of his video, “The following took place after being woken up at 5:00 a.m. On a Saturday. Don’t have kids.” But as parents and husband and wife, he and Catherine seem to have a lot of fun together in life.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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