Savannah Chrisley details how Todd Chrisley’s appearance has changed in prison

Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley is rocking the gray hair in prison. Pic credit: ©

Prison doesn’t have a history of looking good on anyone, but according to Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley isn’t doing that bad.

His appearance has changed while behind bars, but she personally thinks it looks good.

She sat down with one of her parents’ lawyers, Alex Little of Burr & Forman, in a new episode of the Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley podcast, titled Talk to My Lawyer.

While discussing her parents, she poked fun at some of the tabloid headlines that she’s been seeing, particularly some that focus on her dad’s appearance.

“It’s hilarious because one of them was like, ‘Oh, he’s let himself go,'” she said of one story about her father.

“First off, news flash, they don’t sell hair color in commissary. So of course his hair is gray! But, you know what, I would tell him today, like, if he was out, keep it that way. Like, it looks good! He’s got a great prison barber.” 

Savannah Chrisley blasts tabloid coverage of her parents

Apparently, the tabloids aren’t just wrong about Todd’s appearance, but they’re wrong about his resolve as well.

“These sources are saying that dad is just, his guilt is eating him alive in prison and he’s ready to admit to his faults,” she revealed.

Little responded, “Yeah, that’s not been my experience talking to him.”

Little added that Todd is focused on his appeal and “doing what he needs to do to be a good model prisoner and to get along with the folks he’s there with.”

So no, Todd isn’t about to just admit fault to have everything be done and over with — he’s waiting on his appeals process to be finished as he continues to fight for his freedom.

Little adds, “He is relentlessly optimistic and also, he stays on track, right. He’s not gonna get sorta down in the dumps because this is where we are.” 

The Chrisley defense team calls for prison reform

As the Chrisleys’ battle continues, their defense team continues to fight for them and for prison reform.

New Chrisley attorney Jay Surgent is extremely passionate about this and is upset at the conditions that the Chrisleys are reportedly dealing with behind bars.

He told ET that he does believe that their celebrity status has an impact on how they are treated in prison, noting that he thinks they are “singled out” and treated unfairly based on their celebrity status.

“I don’t want to absolutely say that they’ve been discriminated against as a result of their celebrity status, [but there are] certain things that they’ve had to endure while being incarcerated, [that] they’ve been subject to, that need to be corrected,” Surgent revealed. 

“It’s 2023 and people should not have to live in inhumane conditions,” he said. “It’s absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn’t be tolerated… We need prison reform in the United States of America.”

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