Sarah Hamrick reportedly told the women Clayton Echard was sure he was taking her to hometowns by week two

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard questioned his remaining women after he sent Sarah Hamrick home. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard revealed Sarah Hamrick reportedly told the women in the house that he was set on taking her to hometowns as early as week two.

The Bachelor opened up about how Sarah Hamrick’s actions threatened his relationships in the house and made him worry that other women could be playing him.

Sarah Hamrick reportedly told the women that she was going to hometowns by week two

Clayton went on the Click Bait podcast to recount Sarah’s elimination and the fallout from her exit.

“With Sarah, what frustrated me was I thought that we had this really strong, genuine connection, but it seemed like she was playing this game to get the other women out of the house,” Clayton said.

The women accused Sarah of telling them as early as week one and week two that Clayton had said he was sure of her and was taking her to hometowns.

The final four opened up to Clayton in the most recent episode about considering going home after hearing how seemingly sure Clayton was about Sarah.

Sarah Hamrick’s elimination made Clayton Echard question his remaining contestants

Clayton said the entire experience shook him not only on his relationship with Sarah but on whether he could trust his remaining contestants.

“If she’s playing this game and she’s this far into it, and I didn’t even catch that – I thought she was being genuine – then could other women still be strategically playing some kinda game moving forward?” Clayton said of his thoughts after Sarah was sent home.

Despite being blindsided about what Sarah was doing in the house, Clayton said the event did make him really think about who was there for him.

He also resolved to be more open with his feelings with the other women after hearing they were ready to pack their bags at one point.

Sarah Hamrick was eliminated from The Bachelor after reportedly lying to the other women

The confrontation between Sarah, Clayton, and the other women was over almost as suddenly as it began when Clayton abruptly eliminated her.

Fans were left wondering what had happened to turn the house against Sarah so quickly.

The Bachelor’s Teddi Wright weighed in about what exactly went down off-camera on the show.

Teddi said Sarah phrased her comments to the other women as if she were trying to protect them from getting their feelings hurt, but continually reinforced that she had the strongest relationship with Clayton.

Sarah is no longer on the show, but fans will get another chance to see how it all plays out on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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