Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola splits from fiance Christian Biscardi? How fans figured out the dramatic news

Sammi Giancola christian biscardi
Sammi “Sweethert” Giancola and fiance Christian Biscardi have reportedly split. They have unfollowed one another on social media and Sammi’s deleted all references to him in her bio. Pic credit: @christianbiscardi/Instagram

Former Jersey Shore star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola has reportedly split from fiance Christian Biscardi.

The couple was set to tie the knot this summer but superfans appeared to uncover something amiss on the raven-haired beauty’s Instagram page.

The couple began dating in 2017 and Sammi regularly posted photographs with Christian on her social media page.

They became engaged in 2019 with a plan to be wed one year later. The COVID-19 pandemic squashed their plans for a big gathering, and their event was postponed twice.

The former reality star has not confirmed the split.

However, there are several clues that make it appear that things are not so rosy in their romantic union.

What has tipped fans off?

Sammi has deleted all references to Christian in her Instagram bio and has not posted any photographs of him since February 14, when she wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day.

She has removed an engagement ring emoji and any references to becoming Mrs. Biscardi in her bio and replaced that with a promotion for her new venture, a brick and mortar store located in Ocean City, New Jersey, called Sweetheart Coast.

Both at one time, tagged each other in their personal photos of one another. That is now not the case.

The two allegedly no longer follow each other on Instagram. Because he is no longer tagged in some of her older posts with him, many have speculated that Sammi actually blocked Christian.

In fact, the majority of her posts now center around her new venture and a wedding dress modeling gig. Still, super sleuth fans realized that as of a post shared on May 4 seen below, Sammi was still wearing her engagement ring.

Reddit users appear happy by the reported split

In a Reddit thread where fans discussed the reported rumor, reactions were split between those who appeared happy by the news and others who felt for Sammi’s pain if her breakup was, indeed, fact.

One felt that she kept her ring on to keep critics at bay.

“I would totally keep my ring on and say everything is fine until ready to talk about it too. Ending an engagement seems really difficult and painful, and in the public eye at that! Sam has had work done, everybody on the show has. She looks incredible, I’m glad she seems to have a healthy self esteem and doesn’t see the need to go way overboard like a lot of reality show stars. Also wishing her a hot girl summer!” wrote one fan.

sammi giancola
One Reddit fan believed that Sammi will talk about her love life when she is ready. Pic credit: Reddit

A second Reddit user revealed that she asked Christian directly if he and Sammi had split. He reportedly blocked her thereafter.

sammi giancola
A second Reddit user said they asked Christian if he and Sammi had split and he blocked her on Instagram. Pic credit: Reddit

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns to MTV beginning Thursday, June 3 at 8/7c.

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