Ryan Ignasiak and Olivia Cornu’s appear in Where Are They Now teaser – are they dating MAFS Season 14 stars?

Alyssa Ellman
Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette may have their eyes on MAFS alum. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 has one more installment in store, with the Boston couples returning for next week’s Where Are They Now special. 

However, the five Boston couples aren’t the only MAFS familiar faces that will be making an appearance. 

A recent teaser saw MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak and Olivia Cornu seemingly entertaining relationships with Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette, respectively. 

MAFS viewers had lots to say about the alum’s appearance in the teaser as fans’ speculate if Chris and Alyssa may have found romantic connections with members of the MAFS franchise. 

MAFS alum appear friendly and flirty with Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman 

A teaser for the upcoming Where Are They Now special featured Ryan Ignasiak from Married at First Sight Season 13 and Olivia Cornu from Married at First Sight Season 12. 

In the trailer, Ryan appeared cuddly with Alyssa as the two embraced. Alyssa was featured potentially talking about how Ryan is her type, as it’s known she wants a ‘cowboy’ of sorts. 

Ryan was formerly married to Brett Layton on the recent Houston season of Married at First Sight but the pair divorced on Decision Day after having contrasting values and never finding a spark. 

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ryan previously spoke out about knowing Alyssa and suggested she’s not as bad as she’s portrayed on television. It seems viewers will witness the two’s dynamic on the special next week. 

Olivia Cornu also popped up as Chris Collette revealed he’s been building a relationship with her. 

In the New Orleans season of Married at First Sight, Olivia Cornu was married to Brett Lindsey, but the pair chose to divorce and go their separate ways before Decision Day.

The trailer suggests that Chris and Olivia may be dating and that Ryan and Alyssa may be as well, but it’s not yet confirmed if anything more serious or romantic occurred between the pairs. 

MAFS viewers react to Ryan Ignasiak and Alyssa Ellman’s potential pairing 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on Ryan and Alyssa’s WATN teaser appearance and possible coupling.

A MAFS viewer tweeted, “Let me get this right, Alyssa thought Chris was a bad match but Ryan is a better match.” 


One viewer saw the pairing coming, writing, “YALLLL! Did I not call it !?! Who didn’t see Alyssa with freaking Ryan!?!?!” 

A MAFS fan wrote, “OH EM GEE Ryan makes SO MUCH SENSE for Alyssa.” 

Another MAFS critic tweeted, “You’ve got to be kidding me…Alyssa is getting more airtime with Ryan (another not good person) from last season.” 

One viewer tweeted, “Alyssa gonna get her karma with Ryan. Lol.”

MAFS fans had a more positive reaction to Chris and Olivia possibly getting together. 

A MAFS fan tweeted, “Oh yes! Olivia & Chris” 

Another wrote, “Did you see that #MAFS preview?? Chris from Boston dating Olivia from NOLA? Squeeeee! I ship so hard!” 

Do you think Alyssa and Ryan and Chris and Olivia would make compatible couples?

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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