Ryan and Trista’s daughter Blakesley becomes a teenager, and they throw a big bash

Trista and Ryan Sutter
Ryan & Trista Sutter’s daughter Blakesley is now a teenager. Pic credit: ©

Trista and Ryan Sutter are well-known in the Bachelor world, as they found each other, fell in love, and got engaged on the very first season of The Bachelorette back in 2003.

The pair, who have been together for 19 years now, made history as the first Bachelorette couple to still be together, and they have two children together, Max and Blakesley.

While Max is two years older than Blakesley, Ryan and Trista’s daughter just turned 13, and just like that, their baby became a teenager.

Ryan and Trista Sutter’s daughter turns 13, along with her best friend

Trista posted a tribute to their daughter on Instagram as she posted a long, sweet message to caption the numerous photos of Blakesley and her best friend, Violet, whose birthday is only two days apart from Blakesley’s.

Trista posted that they threw the two girls an epic birthday bash as they enter the world of being a teenager. She wrote, “Blakesley and Violet were born 2 days apart, right down the hall from each other and what a joy it is to watch them grow in character, talent, and a beautiful friendship.”

She went on to say, “Birthdays of April 1 and April 3 meant we had to throw them a combined golden birthday bash for their 13th bdays … and dance the night away with their bestest friends and LOTS of balloons! My cheeks were hurting by the end of the night just taking it all in and sharing these special girls with family and friends that I cherish. Thank you B & Vi for being easy to celebrate and giving your grateful parents another night of sweet memories.”

Trista posted various photos of the birthday bash

Along with her beautiful caption, Trista included pictures of the girls and the legendary party. The first photo was of the girls in very similar dresses, as they smiled and held huge, gold balloons with the letter of their first name.

The second photo was of Blakesley with Ryan and Trista, and the third was a video of the two girls walking into a room and being surprised by their closest and dearest friends.

The fourth photo was a dance party happening, as the girls jumped and danced to some Miley Cyrus, while in the fifth photo, the girls’ moms brought out their birthday cakes: one for each girl. In the following picture, the girls could be seen making their wishes and blowing out the candles.

The seventh picture was a group photo of all the girls, and in the next one, Blakesley and Violet were seen posing with their DJ for the night. The last two photos were of both sets of parents, and the last picture was of the girls the next morning, as they enjoyed donuts and smiled after the best night with their family and dear friends.

Now, as parents of two teenagers, Ryan and Trista have their hands full. However, it seems as if Blakesley is a sweetheart and a lovable girl to be around, according to Trista’s post. Happy Birthday to Blakesley, and here’s to hoping her teenage years are as easy-going as the 13th birthday bash was!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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