Ryan and Brett on MAFS Season 13: Here’s what to know about the brand new couple

Ryan sits in a chair and wears a polo
Ryan aims to put his “player” past behind him. Pic credit: Lifetime

On Married at First Sight some couples get paired up because of how much they have in common, like quirky MAFS Season 12 couple Bennett and Amelia. Meanwhile, other couples are matched due to how their differences might balance each other out. 

Experts appear to hope opposites will attract for MAFS Season 13 couple, Brett and Ryan. 

Who is Brett?

Brett is a 33-year-old teacher and volleyball coach who loves working with kids. Brett desires to be married because she’s thriving, so now all that’s missing is a husband to share her life with. 

Brett considers herself “super single” since she hasn’t had a relationship or even kissed a man in years. Despite the frustrations of going solo for so long, Brett believes that being single helped her develop the traits and skills she’ll need for marriage. 

The experts describe Brett as being enthusiastic, fun, sweet, humorous and warm. They also believe that Brett has miles of depth which will make her a great and interesting wife. 

While Brett has emphasized that she’s open to anyone, she does like men who are good conversationalists since she is an outgoing talker and loves to discuss any and everything. Her husband also should be a good sport since Brett expressed being extremely competitive like Monica from the hit series, Friends. 

Brett believes she’s ready to be married because she’s a loyal person and is looking for loyalty from her future husband. Brett’s biggest hope is that she’ll love her husband’s personality and that they’ll stick together until they’re old and gray.

Who is Ryan? 

Ryan is a 35-year-old red-blooded Texan and he is ready to put his serial dating to the side in order to settle down with a wife. 

As a single man, Ryan dated loads of women in the Houston area, so while he doesn’t have an issue finding women, he hasn’t yet been able to find one that he’s serious about. 

Ryan hopes to be matched with a woman who he’ll want to spend most of his free time with. He also wants a woman who is good at communicating and will cook for him since he mostly just bakes cheesecakes. 

The experts claim Ryan is a man’s man with a sensitive side and that his problem in dating was pursuing women more based on their looks when really he needs a woman with depth, like Brett. Ryan’s friends believe that he’s ready to be married and will make a loving and affectionate husband. 

According to the experts, Brett and Ryan’s core desires match because they both desperately want a home and feel their time is running out. While they may have that feeling in common, desperation could cause issues for the couple. 

MAFS fans may find themselves torn on whether Brett and Ryan will be a surprising success story like Jamie and Beth from MAFS Season 9, or perhaps have a much more rocky relationship like Mindy and Zach from MAFS Season 10.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Donald Brian Shotts
Donald Brian Shotts
2 years ago

I’m a middle-aged sales manager and I can read people pretty well. I just didn’t get a good vibe from Ryan from the start. You don’t date a million women if you’re seriously looking for love. That takes time and effort and patience…..from what I’ve heard anyway)) Brett is a beautiful woman and I hope she finds the right guy, but he isn’t it.