Ronnie Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing confirms death of son Alexander Shirley after shooting in North Carolina

Ronnie Shirley
Ronnie Shirley takes to social media to confirm his son’s death. Pic credit: truTV

Ronnie Shirley, the owner of the company Lizard Lick Towing, who was also featured in a reality TV show with the same name, confirmed that his son, Harley Alexander Shirley, was killed in a North Carolina shooting.

Authorities have not yet released exact details, but more information will be coming out in the future. As of now, the only details viewers have is what Harley Alexander’s dad and family have posted on social media.

Ronnie Shirley took to social media to confirm and talk about his son, Harley Alexander’s, death

Ronnie took to Facebook to announce this and confirm his son’s death, as he shared his daughter’s Facebook post about her baby brother. Ronnie shared the post of Lexy and then added to it himself.

He wrote, speaking about his son, “He’s at peace now – waiting on the rest of us to arrive at those gates- we will be there soon Big Shur – and will always cherish the times we had while you were with us son –.”

The shooting and killing are still under investigation by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, but it was confirmed that Harley Alexander was killed late Thursday night.

The officers reported that “they responded to a reported shooting at a home around 8 p.m. Thursday.” In a news release, it was also said, “soon after that, a caller reported people with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station, about 3 miles north of the home.”

Pic credit: @Ronnie Shirley/Facebook

Ronnie also took to the @lizardlicktowin Instagram page and wrote the following to his son: “Hey even though you can’t read this maybe you can feel the moment @thealexshirley so many people came here with us today because of you In my life you were one of the funniest and tender hearted person I know – in your passing you’re still making a diff making people smile and giving them a chance to come home – for eternity – the rest is up to then.”

What did viewers and fans of the show and family say?

Fans took to the page as well, offering their condolences to the family, as they wrote messages like, “Prayers and love for the entire Shirley family #GodisGreat.”

Another viewer said, “We love ya. (red heart) You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. (praying hands emoji).”

Three other fans wrote, “I love you,” “Sorry for your loss,” and “So very sorry for your loss.” So many people are offering prayers, love, and support for the family after the death of Harley Alexander.

Pic credit: @lizardlicktowin/Instagram

Ronnie and his wife, Amy, are the owners of the Lizard Lick Towing company, and their family business has been featured on truTV as a reality show.

Another recent star who has lost a child recently is musician Chris Daughtry. Hannah Price, Chris’ stepdaughter, was pronounced dead at her home in Tennessee.

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Teresa kohutek
Teresa kohutek
2 years ago

I’m so very sorry for your loss stay strong it’s gonna be along road ahead but keep the faith it will get better.Just remember he’s gone but will never be forgotten my prayers are with you and your family.