Robert Mills teases inviting Serene Russell’s brother to Bachelor in Paradise after viewers gush over him 

Serene Russell's brother Roland Russell
The Bachelor viewers want to see more of Serene Russell’s brother Roland. Pic credit: ABC

Hometowns arrived on The Bachelor Season 26, and several of the final four’s family members stood out to viewers. 

One of the notable relatives that made an appearance on the episode was Serene Russell’s brother, Roland. 

The Bachelor viewers were quick to voice their attraction to Roland due to his looks and his visible love for his sister. 

With Roland making such a positive impression on fans, ABC higher-up Robert Mills even teased the idea of welcoming Roland on the hit franchises’ summer spinoff. 

Robert Mills reacts positively to Roland Russell 

Serene Russell had an emotional bonding moment with her brother during hometowns. 

As the two shed tears, it was clear Serene and Roland have a lot of love for one another, and The Bachelor viewers also had a lot of love for Roland. 

Many took to social media to express their appreciation for Roland and even root for him to somehow be the Bachelor. ABC’s Vice President of Alternative Programming, Robert Mills also reacted to Roland on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Mills shared one of his tweets that featured a photo of Roland. Along with the photo, Mills wrote, “Serene’s hometown continues #TheBachelor’s Cal Ripken-like streak of gorgeous siblings with her brother Roland.” 

Mills then wrote another tweet asking, “If single, should we invite Roland to #BachelorinParadise?” 

Interestingly, Brandon Jones, who has been very vocal about his crush on Serene Russell, also had a brother that caught viewers’ eye during his hometown date. Brandon’s brother had Bachelor Nation calling for him to be the next Bachelor as well, which means Brandon and Serene already have something in common with one another. 

Here’s what to know about Roland Russell 

So who is Serene’s brother, Roland?

According to Roland’s Instagram @russellmania_____, he is a police officer with the Oklahoma City police. 

Roland also seems to enjoy cars, beach days, and traveling, and went to Thailand in 2018. 

It’s unclear from his page if he is currently in a relationship or if he is single and interested in one day being a part of The Bachelor franchise. 

With Serene Russell recently being sent home in an elimination that she felt was ‘world-shattering’ at the time, it’s nice to know she has a loving brother to support and comfort her. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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