Robert Mills claims Clayton’s season gets even wilder than the dramatic previews suggest

Clayton Echard
The Bachelor viewers are in for a wild ride as Clayton’s season gets even juicier. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 is in for some explosive drama in the upcoming episodes.

The latest preview of the season showed lots of tears, conflict, and potentially premature professions of love that have The Bachelor viewers buzzing about what’s to come for Clayton Echard and his remaining women. 

Often trailers heighten the drama, however, a credible source has revealed that the trailer may not even do the drama this season justice. 

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Robert Mills teases a wild rest of The Bachelor season 

As The Bachelor viewers grow fatigued with Shanae Ankney being the center of drama this season, it was exciting to see new conflicts arise in the preview. 

One The Bachelor fan reacted to the preview, tweeting, “ok is it me or is this trailer absolutely wild.” 

ABC’s VP of Alternative Programming Robert Mills responded to the tweet with some telling personal insight into the remainder of the season. 

Mills tweeted, “Sometimes the trailer is wilder than the show. Not in this case however.” 

Robert Mills tweet
Pic credit: @Millsy11374/Twitter

What did The Bachelor preview reveal? 

There were several buzz-worthy moments in The Bachelor trailer that Robert Mills expects to be even more dramatic when it actually plays out on screen. 

The trailer began by showing Clayton on his dramatic 2-on-1 with Shanae and Genevieve where both ladies throw accusations at one another, and Clayton seemingly questions if Genevieve is just acting and lying. 

The trailer then gives a glimpse into the rest of the season as Clayton appears to go on several dates with women such as Serene, Rachel, and Susie, who interestingly have all already had one-on-ones so far. 

Clayton also unsurprisingly locks lips with loads of women in the preview as women such as Susie, Serene, and Rachel seem to admit to falling in love with Clayton.

As was advertised previously, the trailer again shows Clayton confessing that he’s in love with three women and was intimate with two of them, which appears to be devastating news to the women he reveals this to. 

The trailer doesn’t make it 100% certain which women Clayton was intimate with, but the preview often cuts to Sarah Hamrick and Rachel Recchia. 

More surprising is the clip in the preview where Clayton is visibly upset and angrily says, “This is exactly what I was afraid of. She f****d it up for everybody and that’s exactly what I was afraid of. And that’s the last person I expected to do it.”

Clayton then seemingly tells a mystery contestant that he gave them everything and angrily questions if the woman was playing him this entire time. The trailer makes it appear as though he’s talking to Gabby Windey when he says this. 

There’s certainly a lot to unpack from these wild moments and time will tell how these scenes all truly play out. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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