Rob Riggle: Global Investigator exclusive: Knights Templar, witches and a mysterious masons’ cave

Rob Riggle
This is the moment Rob sees his own initials carved into rock where masonic symbols are, like they were waiting for him. Creepy! Pic credit: Discovery

Rob Riggle: Global Investigator this Sunday on Discovery is a no miss look back in time. There’s a slightly creepy moment when Rob discovers his own initials “R.R.” carved into the rock surrounded by ancient masonic symbols and even witches marks made almost a thousand years ago inside this hideout cave where secret meetings went down.

In our exclusive clip below, Rob is absolutely floored. He states he is claustrophobic and says, “Hey…look carvings…[points] that says R.R.!  Did they know I was coming?”

The entire cave interior is covered in carved stonemasons marks, where Freemason and even witches held their clandestine meetings. They all used this spot to gather, and the remnants of their existence are etched in the stone all around them.

Rob is following the progression of these mysterious masons who later were known as the Freemasons, all of whom were believed to be descended from the secretive Knights Templar.

Now we are following Rob in the footsteps of these ancient Knights Templar and unearthing new evidence that could prove the elusive grail has been hidden in Scotland all this time.

As Rob’s Scottish guide informs him of the history, Rob says, “This Masonic symbol is a great find. Many believe that when the Knights Templar went into hiding they formed a new secret order which would later become known as Freemasons. Like the Templars, Freemasons are experts stone workers and to this day their organization is shrouded in mystery. They’re notorious for secret handshakes, code words, private ceremonies [all] closed from the public…and not accepting my request for membership.”

Who is Rob Riggle?

Man of mystery, this strapping Kentucky born-and-bred Marine is a bonafide military man whose sense of humor took him from a serious career path to a more comedic bent, showing off his skills in timing and tone.

His unpredictable energy and humor were first noticed for Shark Week’s 30th anniversary in 2018 when he gave Shaquille O’Neal some tough love and helped him overcome his fear of sharks.

Then he made Shark Week 2019 one for the books last summer as Rob led a team of adventurist celebrities on the ultimate shark trip.

Riggle’s passion for adventure across the globe will see him in action, deployed to solve and investigate the world’s greatest mysteries.

There may be costumes like in Sunday’s edition, but the heart of the series ultimately is to serve the mission: Get some answers, entertain in the process.

Rob will team up with experts and scholars that help him use history, archaeology, science, and more to uncover the truth, wrapping tasty bacon around the lesson.

Kids of all ages who have a thirst for knowledge can take in a lot of information and be amused in the process.

Watch our exclusive preview of Rob Riggle: Global Investigator

Finding the actual Holy Grail is the holy grail for any global investigator worth his or her salt, and that means this week Rob’s on the case and finds himself in Scotland.

Rob Riggle: Global Investigator airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

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