Rob Kardashian missed sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding in Italy to avoid the ‘spectacle’

Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian decided not to attend Kourtney and Travis’s wedding, but there are no hard feelings toward the Kardashian brother. Pic credit: ©

Rob Kardashian frequently stays out of the spotlight rather than divulging in fame with the rest of his family. He was never largely involved with being noticed, and after his separation from Blac Chyna resulted in their custody battle blowing up, the Kardashian brother has strayed further and further away from the limelight. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s lavish wedding was no exception for Rob. 

Fans may have realized that Rob did not appear in any photos, which is because he was not at the ceremony at all. However, it his absence was not anything personal toward Kourtney or Travis.

A source revealed, “Rob didn’t feel comfortable attending Kourtney’s wedding because he doesn’t like a spectacle. It’s just not his thing, and he’s become an extremely private person.” 

Fortunately for Rob, his choice was entirely respected. 

Kourtney Kardashian ‘didn’t expect’ Rob Kardashian to come to her wedding

E! News reports that Rob’s decision not to go to Travis and Kourtney’s wedding didn’t result in any fallout. 

A source for the publication cleared things up, saying, “Kourtney and the entire family completely understand. Kourtney didn’t expect Rob to attend and knows she has his support either way.”

Rob tends to live his life a little more privately, rarely posting on social media and often staying off-camera. Viewers may see glimpses of Rob in the background, but he hasn’t been at the forefront of any family attention for a long time and it looks like he prefers to keep it that way. 

The source added, “Rob likes to stay out of the spotlight and keep to himself. He will make appearances at more private low-key events but doesn’t like to be around the cameras and at events like this.”

Rob may also want to stay out of the spotlight at this time based on his family’s recent lawsuit with his ex Blac Chyna, an event he largely avoided when possible. 

Despite not going to Kourtney and Travis’s wedding, insiders say that Rob “is excited to celebrate with Kourtney and Travis when they return,” and that he “was missed, but there in spirit.” 

For all of Rob’s sisters, this isn’t the first time he opted not to go to one of their weddings. 

Rob Kardashian didn’t attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding

In 2014, Rob missed Kim’s wedding to Kanye. It was a last-minute choice made on his part but a decision he made for his mental health. 

He advised that he wasn’t comfortable with himself while trying on suits and adding in all the cameras, he wasn’t comfortable at all and didn’t like seeing himself in the footage.

He later admitted he was upset about not going to Kim’s wedding, but it was his own choice to make at the time. 

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