RHOSLC cast react to Lisa Barlow’s comment saying she’s ‘richer’ than all of them in latest episode

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow
RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow on WWHL. Pic credit: Bravo

Arguments over who is richer is a Housewives staple. RHOA OG Nene Leakes once famously said “I am VERY rich, b***h!” RHOBH star Erika Girardi bragged, “Being broke sucks, and being rich is a lot better.”

Teresa Giudice was shown paying for furniture with $120K in cash on Season 1 of RHONJ. Camille Grammer spent the entire first season of RHOBH flaunting her wealth.

The Queen of Sundance is the newest Housewife to remind us how rich she is!

Lisa’s Zion tirade will go down in Housewives history

Prior to her outburst, Lisa ran out of a group dinner, angry that she wasn’t being supported by Meredith. Mary Cosby had been humiliating Lisa by insulting her character, her eating habits, her as a mother and wife, and Lisa had enough.

The epic hot mic moment that followed was just before the rest of the cast followed Lisa back into the house. As Lisa storms back into her room to pack, presumably to leave the trip, Jennie Nguyen, Heather Gay, and Jen Shah follow her into the bathroom.

This is when Lisa erupts at her co-stars. “Guess what? I am richer than f*****g all of you. I don’t need to f*****g be here! Okay, I am done. Get me the f**k out of here!”

On the RHOSLC After Show, the other Housewives sounded off on Lisa’s confession of wealth. Heather laughed, “She’s not by the way, just FYI. Meredith’s private investigator can verify that!”. She called it Lisa’s ‘truth serum’ moment and thanked Lisa for showing them who she ‘really was.’

Mary responded, “When you start counting people’s money and you start comparing yourself, then I know you’re childish.” Whitney Rose called it mean girl talk and petty and Jen Shah simply added, “Who says that?!”

Lisa claims she went on an apology tour the next day, and explained her verbal lashing. “The whole point of saying that is that I don’t need to be here. I have a good life, I worked really hard for my life. I can leave here and I can never be a part of this again and I’m good, I’m done. It wasn’t to insult anyone. But I don’t regret saying it.”

Lisa erupts on her friends, says she is “richer” than them Pic credit: Bravo

Is Lisa Barlow the richest SLC Housewife?

It is estimated that Lisa Barlow is worth $5 million. Lisa and her husband have built an alcohol empire together. Plus, she’s the owner of LUXE marketing company, and they run the men’s grooming product company Fresh Wolf with their sons, Jack and Henry.

However, Mary Cosby is also allegedly worth $5 million. So they are technically tied for the richest Housewife in Salt Lake City.

Coming in next are Whitney Rose and husband Justin ($3 million), followed by Jen Shah ($3 million), Heather Gay ($1.7 million), and Meredith Marks last at $1 million.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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