Vida Tequila: Everything you need to know about RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow’s brand

Lisa Barlow during an episode of RHOSLC
Lisa Barlow owns the premium liquor company Vida Tequila along with her husband John Barlow Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow is the proud owner of the tequila brand Vida Tequila and often poses with the beverage on her social media pages for advertisement.

In 2007, Lisa teamed up with her husband John Barlow to create the premium brand of top shelf liquor.  The tequila was crafted in Arandas, Mexico from one hundred percent blue agave.

The brand features three types of distilled and aged tequila, including Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.  The Blanco is bottled after the distillation process, the Reposado is aged for six months in white oak barrels, and the Anejo is aged for 24 months in French oak barrels.

According to the company’s website, in order to ensure the purity of the flavor, the bottles are washed in their style of tequila before the bottle is filled.

While all three of their products are highly rated by consumers, the company’s website states the Blanco is their highest-rated product according to Paul Pacult of Spirit Journal.

Their other products received impressive ratings with Reposado rated 94 out of 100 according to Kara Newman of Wine Enthusiast and the Anejo rated 97 out of 100 from Meredith May of Tasting Panel.

Lisa’s other businesses

Lisa and John have had a lot of success in the thirteen years they’ve owned Vida Tequila.  In addition to the alcohol business, they have successfully managed and operated several other companies.

Lisa is the owner of LUXE marketing company, a marketing, branding, and business development firm geared for the entertainment industry.  John owns the companies Big Ventures, Jack Henry Spirits, and LJB Investments.

In regard to their various businesses, Lisa told Forbes in 2017, “I have always been assertive and driven. I am lucky to have a keen mind and to see opportunity in things or to be able to create opportunity.”

Why Tequila?

The initial idea to get into the alcohol business was born after Lisa and John felt inspired by their time spent in Mexico.

In 2015 she told Salt Lake Magazine, “We had amazing ties in Mexico and loved the country, people, and the history of the spirit. It felt very natural to go down this path and create a gorgeous, bold line of tequila.”

Lisa’s decision to get into the alcohol business may leave fans confused as she and John both follow the Mormon religion, which forbids drinking alcohol. During the premiere episode of RHOSLC, Lisa described herself as “Mormon 2.0” and made it clear she lives by her own rules.

It’s unknown at this time whether Lisa and John drink their own product or not but Lisa made it clear she tries to set a good example for her children.

She told Forbes that she taught her children that alcohol is to be respected and said, “I am very honest with our kids about our business.  Our children are proud of what we have created and enjoy the doors that are open to them because of our hard work.”

It’s clear that Lisa is a hard worker and does not shy away from new business opportunities.  Vida Tequila can be purchased in select stores across the country or directly through the company’s website.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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