RHOP: Candiace Dillard explains why she decided to file charges against former friend Monique Samuels

Candiace Dillard
Candiace Dillard spars on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard explains why she pressed charges against Monique Samuels.

The two women were in a vicious physical altercation on the show and eventually pressed charges against each other. The women were arguing and yelling at each other, and Monique can be heard saying, “Get your hand out my face!”

Candiace responds by saying to Monique, “Are you gonna drag me, Monique?”

Monique responds, “Do you want me to? Do you want me to?”

Candiace continues her taunt. “You gon’ drag me? Drag me! Drag me!”

Monique grabbed Candiace by her head and began to hit her before several producers pulled the women apart.

Monique says that while she regrets her actions, Candiace is also to blame for their altercation.

“Where I grew up if you don’t want to engage in a fight and a person says back up, then you back up,” she said. “She egged me on with that question.”

Robyn Dixon asked Candiace if her goal is for Monique to go to jail; Candiace responds it is.

The goal is for the court system to do what the court system needs to do,” Candiace said.

A shocked Gizelle Bryant told Candiace that Monique could go to jail for five to 12 years, to which Candiace nonchalantly confirms.

Gizelle says that they don’t want Monique to go to jail, to which Candiace replies, “We don’t?”

Candiace said it was three weeks after the altercation before she pressed charges against Monique, deciding to do so after realizing Monique was not remorseful.  

“You’re not sorry. You were never sorry, and all those tears that she was crying? I believe those tears, I believe they were real,” Candiace said.

She said Monique’s tears were because she was embarrassed she didn’t control herself, not because she attacked Candiace.   

The Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office dropped all charges against both ladies.

Ashley Darby says Candiace provoked Monique 

Ashley Darby told ET she believed Candiace provoked Monique.

Ashley defended Monique and said Candiace had previously been aggressive with her, in addition to making mean and incendiary comments.

“I initially thought — and I still don’t have any clarification — that Candiace was an active provoker in this argument,” Ashley said. “So, I wanted to be there for Monique because she has been such a supportive person to me.

“That’s not like her.”

Candiace once brandished a butter knife in Ashley’s face during an argument and had to be held back by her husband. Ashley added that she has argued with Monique but that it never escalated into a physical confrontation.

“She and I have gotten into arguments, and it’s never gotten physical,” Ashley said of Monique.

Candiace accuses Ashley of being paid to defend Monique  

In a clip from the next episode, Candiace accuses Ashley of being paid to defend Monique.

Ashley tells Candiace that she is already married to a millionaire, so she doesn’t need to be paid for defending Monique.

“Not for long,” Candiace snaps, referring to the couple’s marital woes 

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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