RHONY fans officially fed up with this season of the show, call it boring

Eboni and Sonya
Fans of RHONY are complaining this season is boring

The Real Housewives of New York has reliably been one of the most entertaining installments of the franchise. However, fans are getting bored with the ladies of this season and aren’t shy about shouting it out loud.

For a Real Housewives franchise that brought us Scary Island, the Columbian boat ride from hell, and a prosthetic leg being tossed around, it’s hard to imagine that it would ever get tiresome.

But here we are, contemplating the slowest season of the series, and those of us still watching have some feelings about it.

The opinions about this season of RHONY have been divided

The Twitter outcry mostly splits between two camps. On one hand, some viewers are weary of all the political talk. However, some viewers are downright bored with the lack of shenanigans.

It’s easy to miss a group of ladies getting blotto drunk on TV, ugly crying over a glass of Pinot Grigio, and getting naked in a Hamptons’ pool.

RHONY has been a party from the beginning, so this season is a pretty big letdown for some.

Half the fans don’t want to hear the news surrounding the 2020 election, while the rest want to see more rich lady antics.

RHONY is in big trouble this season

Because of the Internet, folks feel obligated to take to their devices to make their dissatisfaction known.

The high-level assessment is not good, and as Twitter user @onceuponasami puts it, “I hate to say it, but #RHONY is in trouble. It really feels like a chore to watch every week.”

If that is the consensus, other posters went much, much harder, drilling down on the sheer boredom of each episode.

One tweeter, @RankedReal, invokes new friend Bershan, saying “You guys are being Grandmas!” Bershamazing I’ve waited so long for you!.”

The opinions about low energy could be a function of several things.

There has been pushback again Eboni’s attempts to educate the other ladies, and some viewers miss the days when these ladies were pooping on the floor of a boat, falling in the bushes, or drunkenly screaming designer’s names at Cabernet shows. 

The show has lost its sparkle lately, and the Internet has noticed.

In fact, Dorinda left a giant hole in the dynamic of the girl gang, and fans are not letting her absence go unnoticed.

Twitter user @BElizabeth18 posted a pic of Ms. Medley in the famous “CLIP” episode, with the caption, “yes, she was a monster last season, but I think we can all agree that she is missed and needed.”  

Here, here.

The show doesn’t have the same pizazz it used to, and while my second-hand embarrassment has gone way down, so has my investment in a show that was once one of the best of the Bravo-verse.

Although it aired in one of the most bizarre times in human history and should reflect the moment, this show is almost unrecognizable as the fun, frothy, whimsical thing we need it to be.

The online sentiment seems to express the same.

More than anything else, however, is the beef with Eboni’s behavior.

Her stint as a Housewife has polarized fans in the Bravo universe, with both sides having some very strong opinions concerning how she presents herself on the show.

Some users tried to stay kind, acknowledging how important the conversation is and trusting Eboni to offer her perspective to audiences and castmates, even though it can get a little uncomfortable.

The hilariously handled @KarenHugersWig laid it out pretty simply for the new Housewife.

She wrote, “Eboni, I want to STAN you but you have to stop forcing political conversations on people. You’re not on Fox News anymore, this isn’t a debate segment every scene. Some people are not ready for certain conversations & you can’t force them to be.”

To get a sense of how galvanizing this season has been, one only has to do a quick #RHONY search on Twitter and you can see how hotly debated it is.

The reactions swing wildly from absolutely offensive, to just plain apathetic, leaving Bravo viewers worrying about what this may mean for the New York ladies.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays on Bravo at 9/8c.

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1 year ago

Leah, being a b***h is not entertaining. I could not get over the fact that she failed cried for 3 shows over her Grandmother dying. Why was she there? Anyone i know would have stayed close to home.

1 year ago

NY housewives has lost it’s sizzle and I think twice now about even admitting I follow it on Bravo. When they aren’t dirty-leg drunk, which is rare, they are boringly dull and uninspiring. People-watching at the airport is more fun and less embarrassing. Oh, and Eboni, here’s some sound advice: if you’re having a “black party” as you termed it, why would you discuss it openly in front of the only black person in the room that you DONT plan to invite? Sorry, Bershan! Eboni lost her manners when she lost the “best housewives newcomer award”. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be missing much anyway.