RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel set to premiere new show on HBO Max, check out the trailer

Bethenny Frankel poses on the red carpet
Bethenny Frankel has a new show on HBO Max. Pic credit: ©

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is moving on to host her own reality TV competition series airing on HBO Max just ahead of the RHONY Season 13 premiere.

Bethenny’s new show is titled The Big Shot With Bethenny, and in typical Bethenny fashion, there’s a big goal she’s trying to attain with the show.

She is hosting the reality TV competition series to find a candidate for a very important role in her career empire.

The series premieres on Thursday, April 29 on HBO Max exclusively, but eager fans can catch a sneak peek of it in the trailer.

What to expect from The Big Shot With Bethenny

In the trailer for The Big Shot With Bethenny, the RHONY veteran gives herself three descriptors.

“I’m a mother, philanthropist, and a bit of a clown,” she says as an introduction.

She then adds, “I’m a serial entrepreneur. We’re building multiple brands at the same time.”

Because of her many business ventures, Bethenny has created a new position that she needs to fill ASAP.

“I need a Vice President of Operations,” she declares.

She then lists the qualities of the position she needs to fill.

“You have to understand e-commerce, licensing, social media,” she states, jokingly adding, “I just need someone to run this goddamn circus.”

Later on in the video, she explains that the contestants will have to prove themselves in a series of challenges.

“These projects are designed to put someone to the test,” she states.

Bethenny also reiterates the importance of the opportunity she will hand the last competitor standing.

“If this were me, I would take it so seriously,” Bethenny emphasizes.

Much like her RHONY days, Bethenny’s bringing the drama

Bethenny proves that she still hasn’t lost her sense of brashness and blunt honesty that she had during her days on RHONY.

The trailer gives a sneak peek at some of the women who will compete to fill her new executive position.

“First impressions are paramount,” Bethenny states as the contenders arrive.

One contender confesses to Bethenny that she has an important job at home and if she makes it to the end, she’ll have a tough decision to make.

Bethenny wasn’t pleased with the contender’s lack of commitment.

“No, I think you have to make a hard decision now,” she bluntly states. “You should take a cocktail and make a life decision in a really short period of time.”

The trailer also shows sneak peeks of some of the projects that the competitors will have to complete.

During the heat of one challenge, Bethenny proclaims, “You know what? This is a disaster.”

In another segment, one contender named Nicole faces backlash from Bethenny after an unprofessional outfit choice.

“Nicole was wearing a crop top,” Bethenny vents. “Who the f**k wears a crop top to a job interview?!”

Another competitor even turns the tables on Bethenny as the competitor storms out during a heated discussion.

Bethenny states at the end of her trailer, “Let the games begin,” and viewers can expect plenty of drama to come from these games.

Watch the trailer below.

The Big Shot With Bethenny drops on HBO Max on Thursday, April 29.

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