RHONJ: Teresa Giudice wishes her brother would stop talking about her to stay relevant

Teresa Giudice of RHONJ.
Teresa Giudice simply “can’t relate” to RHOSLC star Jen Shah. Pic credit: © Maryannakis/StarMaxWorldWide

Teresa Giudice is letting the world know she is tired of her brother taking digs at her.

During an episode of her podcast, Namaste B$tches, she said that Joe Gorga speaks about her to keep himself relevant but that he is actually hurting her feelings.

Teresa also revealed that she no longer recognizes her brother.

She said she was hurt he didn’t show up at her wedding and, even more so, by his continuing insults in the press.

At BravoCon, during a game of Sip or Spill, Andy Cohen asked Melissa Gorga what she thought would last longer, Teresa and Luis Ruelas’ marriage or Joe Gorga’s stand-up comedy career, and she dodged the question.

Joe, however, took the opportunity to make his opinion known, and his response made it back to Teresa.

RHONJ: Joe Gorga takes a dig at Teresa Giudice’s brand new marriage

Melissa declined to answer Andy’s question and preferred to sip her drink with a smile.

However, Joe jumped to his feet on the BravoCon 2022 stage and said that he wasn’t afraid to say that his standup comedy career would last longer than his sister’s marriage.

He said, “I’m gonna answer the question. My stand-up career, baby! I’m very funny.”

The crowd looked more shocked than amused by Joe’s comment.

Teresa told her co-host Melissa Pfeister that what Joe said not only hurt her but also hurt her husband.

She said, “That’s very mean-spirited, very sad.”

She reiterated what she said at BravoCon and told her friend that she just wants peace and wants the Gorgas to leave her alone.

The Turning Tables author added, “I just wish that he would stop talking about us to try to make himself relevant.”

Teresa Giudice said Melissa and Joe Gorga got their wish

At BravoCon, Teresa was asked if she wanted to make amends with her brother after Joe said that he heard in the press that Teresa was done with him after he skipped her and Luis’ wedding.

Joe said he would follow her lead as Teresa is older than him. Teresa and Luis shrugged at what was said.

Teresa pointed out that her brother talks about her in the press every day and that she wasn’t raised like this. She said her parents are first-generation immigrants, and to her, this is “shenanigans.”

Teresa said she wanted to focus on what’s important to her, which is her family, her daughters, her husband, and his sons. She added that she wished her brother would stop talking about her and stop the drama.

She said she wishes her brother and his family well, and she wishes they would do the same for her.

Teresa concluded, “My brother and Melissa said they wanted the toxic to be taken away. They got what they wanted. So, I wish them well.”

Teresa was recently vindicated by a Bravo producer who revealed the Gorgas joined the show behind her back. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out once the season starts airing.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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