RHONJ: Did Jennifer Aydin get a nose job? Fans are not pleased with her new look

Jennifer Aydin from Real Housewives of New Jersey
Jennifer Aydin got a new nose. Pic credit: @jenniferaydin/Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jennifer Aydin has been pretty open about her plastic surgery, but fans aren’t laughing at the joke she made about the most recent work to her nose.

As soon as Jennifer Aydin joined New Housewives of New Jersey, she quickly identified herself as the “wife of a plastic surgeon,” and as such she’s always been very forthcoming about all the work Dr. Bill has done for her. She took to Instagram earlier this month to show off her new nose, making a joke about her “new eyelashes,” and fans had some feelings about the matter.

Jennifer posted a selfie on June 9 in the D’Sierra lash salon, wearing a mask and an obvious bandage on her nose. She cheekily captioned it, in part, “Notice anything different about me??? That’s right! I got new Lashes!!”

She was making a coy reference to the bandage on her nose, and fans quickly offered their opinions about the New Jersey mom’s looks.

Jennifer Aydin makes a joke about her new nose

Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers have been coming for Jennifer’s choices about plastic surgery since she made a significant glow up between Seasons 1 and 2, as freshmen housewives often do. She talked frankly about her liposuction and face work, and even designed her tagline around it, making it obvious she’s always been in on the joke.

This latest surgery is no different, as she jokingly ignores the very apparent bandage on her nose to mention her lashes, challenging her followers, ‘So let’s talk about it.”

RHONJ viewers have opinions about Jennifer’s latest plastic surgery

The Instagram account All About the Real Housewives collected some of the stronger opinions offered by her “fans” and posted a side by side of her before and after. She looks great in both pics, but the internet is never known for its diplomatic opinions about women’s faces.

Those who got the joke had some pretty negative things to say about Jennifer, which is no surprise to anyone who has ever scrolled through the comments of any post ever.

Some of the more offending comments demand she “stop messing with your face” while others move toward a more neutral route saying her old nose offered her face “character.” Even though Jennifer has discussed her plastic surgery both on the show and in the press, it’s still tough to see fans come for her looks.

Although Jennifer put herself front and center of the drama in this past season of RHONJ, it seems a little unfair to be so critical of her physical appearance. Especially since there is so much to comment on concerning her choices and alliances.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

What have you done ??‍♀️ Get your husband to fix it immediately if he can;t do it go to Paul Nassif what on earth you look like a cartoon character you were stunning before