RHONJ: Danielle Cabral says Luis Ruelas is ‘done’ with the Gorgas

RHONJ star Danielle Cabral close-up
Danielle Cabral speaks on Luis Ruelas’ relationship with Melissa and Joe Gorga. Pic credit: WWHL/Bravo

Luis Ruelas gave us whiplash with his instant switch from peacemaker to villain in the space of one episode, and we’re honestly still trying to figure out what happened in between that we didn’t see.

He’s no longer interested in mending the relationship between his wife Teresa Giudice, and her brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

Now, Luis wants war — okay maybe not war, but he definitely doesn’t want peace, and Danielle Cabral understands why.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie recently gave her two cents when asked about the yoga enthusiasts’ sudden change from sun salutation to karate chop in a transition so smooth we barely saw it coming.

However, Danielle is not surprised by Luis’s current stance since she reasoned that he tried everything he could to mend the family feud.

By the way, it’s a situation the mom of two knows all too well as her family dynamic eerily mirrors Teresa and Joe’s.

Danielle Cabral says Luis Ruelas is done with Joe and Melissa Gorga

Danielle made her second appearance on Watch Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, and as usual, she didn’t hold anything back.

One viewer asked about Luis’ 180 from trying to help Teresa mend the relationship with her brother, to now bashing him and calling him a “manipulator.”

“I think he did everything he possibly could” responded Danielle, “But at a certain point –which I can relate to– you just have to give up.”

Luis has given up on being one big happy family with the Gorgas, and he’s done playing peacemaker too–a switch that has viewers now dubbing him as a villainous character who’s trying to alienate his wife from her family.

“He has raw emotions on everything going down with Teresa and Joe and I think he’s done,” reasoned Danielle.

RHONJ viewers have turned against Luis Ruelas

Some people had doubts about Luis Ruelas from the very beginning, but after the last two episodes, even those who were on his side have turned against him.

Viewers started to side-eye Luis after the epic hot mic moment that showed him being two-faced by claiming he wanted to include Joe and Melissa yet deliberately planning to exclude them when he thought the cameras were off.

He didn’t do himself any favors in the last episode either, as he angrily blasted Joe Gorga and confessed that he didn’t want him at the wedding.

Now, people have a much different opinion of the New Jersey business.

“Louie is doing exactly what he planned to do the whole time. Alienate Teresa from them and god knows who’s next,” wrote one commenter. “Anyone can watch him on TV and see this guy is a ticking time bomb. It’s seriously a little scary to watch ?.”

RHONJ viewer comment about Luis Ruelas
Pic credit: @bravowwhl/Instagram

Someone else wrote, “What a piece of work he is, he will make sure that Teresa will never reconcile with her brother.”

“Louie was planning this from the door, he’s being his true self now, you can tell he has a temper,” said one viewer.

RHONJ viewers comment on Luis Ruelas' behaviour
Pic credit: @bravowwhl/Instagram

“You could literally see how scared Teresa was while Luis was going off about her brother! His true colors are finally showing!?,” added someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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