RHODubai: Sara Al Madani calls Chanel Ayan a coward

Sara Al Madani Instagram selfie
RHODubai Sara Al Madani goes after Chanel Ayan on Twitter. Pic credit: @Sara_almadani_/Instagram

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Dubai are taking the drama from the show to social media. 

Sara Al Madani went after Chanel Ayan on social media after the supermodel commented on one of her posts. 

A couple of days ago, Sara Al Madani posted a picture with a quote. She wrote, “7.5 BILLION SMILES IN THE WORLD. AND YOURS IS THE ONE THAT SET MY HEART ON FIRE.” 

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Chanel commented on the post, “Now you model for Twitter with quotes dead.”

She immediately deleted her comment, maybe thinking that it was inappropriate or uncalled for. 

However, Sara had already seen the model’s comment and wasn’t happy about it. 

RHODubai Sara Al Madani screenshots Chanel Ayan’s comment and reposts it calling her a coward

Sara took a screenshot of Chanel’s comment and reposted it on her social media. 

She angrily called out the model, writing, “If you don’t have the guts to keep a comment then don’t write it and delete it. Coward. Plus you don’t follow me so why are you on my account. Sad.” 

Sara didn’t stop there. She added, “Let’s compare what I get paid for 1 post to what you get paid per modeling job.”

The so-called spiritual worker ended her rant by writing, “Don’t be a hater be a congratulator.”

Other cast members join the feud on social media 

Two of Sara’s castmates and friends commented on her post. 

Nina Ali was the first one to comment. She tweeted, “You already know this is one of my favorite modeling photos of you habibti! Love watching you prosper over the years!”

RHODubai Nina Ali comment on Sara Al Madani's tweet
Pic credit: @sara_almadani_/Twitter

Caroline Stanbury joined the comment section and wrote, “You look stunning! Catching up now as finally on land with reception.”

RHODubai Caroline Stanbury comment.
Pic credit: @sara_almadani_/Twitter

Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks, Nina Ali and Sara Al Madani all had dinner together after taping the reunion show. However, Chanel and her best friend Lesa Milan didn’t join them.

Fans called out Sara Al Madani for not practicing what she preaches, like ‘female empowerment

One fan called out Sara by asking, “Is this female empowerment?”

Another viewer noted, “Don’t be mad that Chanel is funny. I think you’re taking this a little too serious (maybe a lot).”

RHODubai Viewer comment on Sara Al Madani's Tweet

Pic credit: @sara_almadani_/Twitter

Another fan pointed out, “Chanel was wrong for making that comment, but there’s nothing about Sara that screams positivity… quite the opposite.”

Fan comment on Sara Al Madani's Tweet
Pic credit: @sara_almadani_/Twitter

It seems like there are two cliques forming in the RHODubai, which will probably make for an interesting second season.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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