RHODubai: Chanel Ayan ready to face off with castmates in Season 1 reunion trailer

RHODubai star Chanel Ayan
RHODubai star Chanel Ayan is ready for her first reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Dubai reunion trailer is out! 

It had everything from the ladies’ beautiful looks to shocking accusations, funny moments, and even a cameo from Supermodel Naomi Campbell. 

In the trailer, viewers saw Chanel Ayan treating the sidewalk like her personal runway as she walked toward the camera wearing an all-black outfit. 

Her long black hair blew in the wind as did the long cape she was wearing. 

Once in her dressing room, Chanel said, “I came dressed in black because I’m ready to murder these bitches.”

Viewers also were quick to notice that the supermodel sat in the first place, to Andy Cohen’s right. 

RHODubai star Chanel Ayan confronts Caroline Brooks during the reunion

Chanel Ayan got into it with Caroline Brooks, who was seated across from her at the reunion. 

In a clip posted by Bravo on their social media, Chanel told Caroline, “Brooks you shut the f**k up!” 

To which Caroline replied, “Ayan you shut the f**k up.” She added, “Don’t you ever sit on this stage and tell me to ‘shut the f**k up!’”

At one point, Caroline Stanbury told Andy Cohen that there was a plot to get rid of her. 

Both Chanel and Lesa denied the allegation saying it wasn’t true. 

However, Caroline Brooks said, “Yes it was, cause I was a part of it.”

Lesa also accused Caroline Stanbury of being in Jeffrey Epstein’s notebook when the British socialite alleged that she used to be an escort.

Chanel Ayan accuses RHODubai co-star Caroline Brooks of trying to copy her during the reunion 

Towards the end of the trailer, Andy Cohen asked Caroline Brooks if she had a feather in her hair. 

The other ladies confirm that there is indeed a feather in her hair.

Caroline jokingly told the supermodel, “Ayan, why are you letting your feathers fly around the stage?”

Chanel Ayan, true to the character, came back with a funny one-liner. She said, “This is the problem when you try to copy me.” 

Everyone started laughing while Caroline stuck her tongue out in response.

Chanel was wearing a long yellow gown by Michael Cinco and the train was made of feathers, which is ironic because Naomi Campbell told her, “Don’t let anyone ruffle your feathers.”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell calls RHODubai star Chanel Ayan ‘the best’

During the trailer for the reunion, Naomi Campbell called Andy Cohen. He said, “I am sitting next to Ayan right now.” 

Naomi told Chanel, “You are the best thing on the show.” 

Chanel took to social media to thank the OG of all Supermodels. 

She wrote, “NAOMI CAMPBELL, I love you period DOT.”

Part 1 of the reunion seems promising!

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on Bravo.  

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