RHOC: Tamra Judge seemingly shades Gretchen Rossi, claims she’s ‘obsessed with her’

Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi on RHOC
Tamra Judge seemingly throws shade at Gretchen Rossi after she talked about her in an interview Pic credit: Bravo

Despite no longer filming The Real Housewives of Orange County together, it looks like Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi are still at each other’s throats.

The feud between the women has been ongoing for several years as the two of them continue to slam each other on social media and during interviews about the show.

Recently, Gretchen did an interview with Us Weekly and referred to her friendship with Tamra as “toxic and negative,”

She said, “Thankfully, we don’t really live in the same community, so I don’t have to run into her or anything like that. I really don’t hold grudges, whatever, [let] bygones be bygones, I’m in such a better place in my life than I was dealing with all that on Housewives,”

She went on to say that Tamra was the “common denominator” in most of the drama that occurred on RHOC, and she said fans were able to see her “true colors” after her falling out with her longtime friend Shannon Beador.

It looks like Tamra didn’t take too kindly to Gretchen’s recent interview, as she took to Instagram with an angry rant that was seemingly directed back at her.

Tamra seemingly shades Gretchen and claims she’s ‘obsessed with her’

In a series of Instagram posts that have since been deleted from her page, Tamra appeared to throw shade toward Gretchen.

While the images are no longer posted, a fan shared screenshots of the quotes on Twitter.

Tamra shared quotes with captions like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” and “It’s funny how the people that know the least about you always have the most to say,”

Tamra also added a photo with the quote, “If you dislike a person so much that you need to harass them, it only shows how obsessed you are with them,”

Another Twitter account shared the comment section of Tamra’s posts where fans assumed she was talking about Gretchen and shared their thoughts and opinions on the whole ordeal.

Tamra commented to a fan and said that after “9 years of this sh*t” she had finally had enough and just wanted Gretchen to leave her alone.

Tamra also alluded to getting her attorney involved and said she had a “stack of articles” that Gretchen has done about her and her family.

Gretchen address her issues with Tamra during a Q and A session with fans

Following the posts, Gretchen took to her own Instagram page to answer fans’ questions during a Q and A session.

One fan asked, “Why does Tamra always act like a child anytime anyone states the truth about her?”

Gretchen responded and said, “LOL! I think you answered your own question. Because she hates it when people speak the truth about her.”

Gretchen address Tamra's posts about her
Gretchen addresses Tamra’s posts about her Pic credit: @gretchenrossi/Instagram

Another follower asked why Tamra was posting all of the “leave me alone” posts toward her.

Gretchen said that she hasn’t talked about Tamra in years because “she has zero relevance” to her life and that when she did her interview with Us Weekly, she was just answering their questions as honestly as she could as she knew they’d ask about their history together.

Gretchen then went on to call Tamra a “hypocrite” and said she “always has been.”

Gretchen addresses Tamra's posts
Gretchen addresses Tamra’s posts Pic credit: @gretchenrossi/Instagram

Gretchen and Tamra have a long history from their years filming RHOC together. It’s obvious that the two of them have yet to move on from their feud.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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