RHOC: Tamra Judge claims she’s only outspoken around cameras, seemingly shades Gretchen Rossi

Tamra Judge on RHOC
Tamra Judge says she’s only interested in drama if she’s being paid while some fans think she threw shade at Gretchen Rossi. Pic credit: Bravo

The former star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge, has made a bold statement about how her personality is different when the cameras are rolling.

Tamra, who has been known to get herself involved in drama with several different housewives over the years, has never shied away from confrontation.

She’s known for her confidence and her bold personality, but it looks like there’s another side to Tamra when she’s not filming reality TV.

Tamra recently shared a post on social media about drama that had some fans turning their heads.

Tamra Judge says she only brings drama when she’s getting paid

Tamra shared a post about drama and asked others to keep it far away from her unless she was going to be paid.

The post read, “Do not bring me your petty drama unless you are being followed by a camera crew and I am going to be paid.”

Former OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson, responded in agreement and said, “Seriously”

Some fans were caught off guard by Tamra’s post.

One fan noted that Tamra is usually the one who brings the drama to begin with.

Tamra responded, “Only when I’m paid.”

Another said they thought of her when they saw that picture earlier in the day.

Tamra replied, “I say it all the time!!! It’s funny, I’ll meet people and they expect me to be wild and outspoken and I’m Not. My response ‘Only if I’m being followed by cameras and being paid.'”

Tamra says she only brings the drama when she's getting paid
Tamra says she only brings the drama when she’s getting paid. Pic credit: @tamrajudge/Instagram

Tamra seemingly throws shade at Gretchen Rossi

While Tamra was making the point that she isn’t interested in drama unless she’s being paid to be involved in it, others thought her post was a passive-aggressive snub at long-time RHOC rival Gretchen Rossi.

Elizabeth Vargas commented on Tamra’s post with several laughing emojis and said, “and we all know who this is pertaining to.”

Fans wondered if Elizabeth was referring to Gretchen, as she and Tamra had been going back and forth on social media and in interviews with the media.

Just a few weeks ago, Tamra accused Gretchen of being obsessed with her after Gretchen did a series of interviews and bad-mouthed Tamra and commented about her family.

Gretchen referred to her former friendship with Tamra as “toxic.”

Even while filming together, Tamra and Gretchen did not always get along, and their feud has continued for several years.

Even though Tamra continues to feud with other former housewives on social media, she insists that she only brings the drama when she is being paid to.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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