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RHOBH viewers think newbie Diana Jenkins was a bad casting decision

Diana Jenkins
Viewers think Diana Jenkins was a bad casting decision for RHOBH. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Diana Jenkins has proven to be a divisive part of the cast — fans either love her or hate her. As the season progresses, more of Diana’s personality emerges, and viewers definitely have opinions about her being cast this season.

After this weeks episode, Diana really showed the ladies how savage she can be when she and Sutton had a fight that fans have been waiting for since the Season 12 previews aired.

Now fans are taking to Twitter, and they have opinions on the Bosnian beauty, and they aren’t really feeling Diana’s place she has carved out in the cast.

Fans think RHOBH newbie Diana is ‘phony’ and ‘nasty’

In the most recent episode of RHOBH, Diana and Sutton have an epic showdown where insults are thrown and the infamous “to be continued” left viewers hanging until next week. The ladies jabbed at each other, even with Kyle and Garcelle standing by.

When Sutton confronted Diana about being on bedrest, and demanded an explanation as to why she even showed up at Garcelle’s birthday party, that’s when things took a wrong turn.

Even though it is clear that Sutton started it, Diana made sure to finish it by annihilating Sutton with her words. She made sure to let Sutton know that she was the new villain of Beverly Hills and fans were not having it.

It is clear that viewers do not think Diana brings anything to the season. They are possibly agreeing with Sutton, who called Diana “soulless”.

In a previous episode, Sutton made Diana cry when Sutton raised her voice at her during a group argument. Fans think it’s strange that Diana cries in an argument, but throws “nukes” when she chooses.

One Twitter user said it plain and simple: Diana is “the worst”.

Screenshot of tweet about Diana.
Pic credit: @TheOldAlexis/Twitter

Twitter blew up right after the episode, throwing Diana to the social media wolves. It is clear that viewers are not happy she is on the cast.

And finally, after a recent Instagram faux pas, some viewers think that Diana constantly going after Garcelle could be rooted in racism.

Diana Jenkins started the season with controversy

Rumors have swirled that Diana used to be an international sex trafficker and madam of high-class prostitutes, with connections to Jeffrey Epstein. She addressed the rumors on an episode of RHOBH, Diana said the claims were ridiculous, saying in a confessional, “It’s very, very dangerous. All you need to do is leak a bunch of fake rumors, and you can actually destroy somebody’s life.”

Viewers don’t believe in Diana’s innocence and think something deeper was going on when she wrote her book, Room 23.

Fans haven’t forgotten the claims made long ago about her being a powerful madame.

Screenshot of tweet about Diana.
Pic credit: RealityTVBliss/Twitter

Is Diana deflecting from the rumors by saying she doesn’t like to brag about her accomplishments?

However the viewers feel, we still have a lot of season left, so will Diana be able to change fans’ minds?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  1. Sutton is a mental case, she’s clearly bipolar. She’s the one starting arguments with the other ladies, especially newbies or not A cast because she knows that she would not come back if she goes after Kyle or Rinna. And Garcelle always attached herself to the narcissistic pervert of the season, she did with Denise now she does with Sutton. Maybe she should question herself if she ever wonders why she finds herself in bad palces with her relationships, she always picks the wolf in sheep clothing…Sutton est une conne.

  2. Erica actually has enough power to talk Bravo into hiring someone so nasty that we would forget all about being mad at her and begin hating Diana instead. Worked like a charm Erica


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