RHOBH former star Yolanda Hadid reveals she feels bad for Kathy Hilton, talks mental health

RHOBH former star Yolanda Hadid says she has been in Kathy Hilton's shoes.
RHOBH former star Yolanda Hadid takes Kathy Hilton’s side in the feud against Lisa Rinna. Pic credit: ©

Yolanda Hadid is speaking out about her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The former model explained how her time on the show affected her mental health. She said during the first season of the show, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

But Lisa Rinna, instead of supporting her, gave her a hard time, doubted her illness, and even said that she had Munchausen syndrome.

It is a syndrome where people pretend to be ill or even produce these symptoms in themselves.

Yolanda said, “I was fighting for my life.” And at that time, the women in the group doubting her added to her stress.

She explained that it took a toll on her mental health.

The former model was asked her opinion on the situation Kathy Hilton finds herself in. Kathy has said that she feels bullied by Lisa and Erika Jayne.

RHOBH former star Yolanda Hadid says she was in Kathy Hilton’s shoes

Yolanda told ET, “I feel sorry for Kathy because I’ve been in her shoes.”

She added that it saddens her to see the effect the drama on the show had on Kathy and her relationship with her sisters and her family.

The former reality star said, “I feel sorry for what it does to her family, with Kyle and Kim, and you know, it goes deep.”

Yolanda seemed to point the finger at Lisa, as she posed this question, “And why? Because you want camera time?”

She went on to say that mental health is very important and should be the focus.

Yolanda Hadid wants the focus on Project Healthy Minds

The former RHOBH star explained that she was supporting Project Healthy Minds because “we need to talk about these things openly and freely.”

Yolanda’s daughter, Bella Hadid, has been very vocal on social media about her struggles with depression.

She said that she taught her daughters to treat everyone with kindness and respect. She told the reporter that looks will fade away, but someone’s behavior is what really makes a lasting impression on people.

Yolanda ended the interview by revealing what was bringing her the most joy these days. She revealed that her granddaughter Khai gave her an incredible amount of joy and reminded her a lot of her mother who recently passed away.

Yolanda’s daughter Gigi Hadid and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Zayn Malik welcomed a baby girl named Khai Hadid Malik in September of 2020.

Shortly after the birth, there were rumors that there was an altercation between Zayn and Yolanda.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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