RHOBH fans side with Denise Richards, many think Bravo production setup Brandi Glanville storyline

Viewers are angry at RHOBH producers for setting up Denise Richards
Viewers bash Bravo producers and defend Denise Richards. Pic credit: Bravo

The season finale of The Real Housewives was one for the books, and fans are rallying around Denise Richards.

They’re also blaming the show’s production team for setting up the actress to take the fall in the Brandi Glanville scandal.

All season long, Brandi’s claims of an affair she had with Denise were the main topic of conversation,  especially after Denise found out about the rumors and flat-out denied them. Since Brandi’s accusations, fans have been trying to get to the truth behind the Brandi and Denise relationship but to no avail.

For the most part, many of the housewives believe Glanville, especially after she showed them text conversations she’d had with Denise.

The messages, which went back over a year, didn’t show Denise confessing to anything.

However, they did prove that she had lied about being friends with Brandi.

Viewers think Brandi storyline was a set up

The finale ended with a big party at Dorit Kemsley’s home. The entire cast including Denise was expected to attend, but Brandi was not invited.

In a shocking, but not that shocking turn of events, Brandi Glanville showed up at the party as Kim Richards’ plus one.

Viewers were immediately suspicious that the mom-of-two showed up without an invite, and they accused the show’s producers of setting the whole thing up.

The other cast members got quite a lashing on social media as well, particularly Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Girardi.

Fans didn’t believe the RHOBH ladies’ claims that they had no idea that the controversial 47-year-old would be at the party.

Viewers bash Bravo producers

One person who knew that Brandi was going to be at the party was Denise Richards. And to avoid the drama, Denise decided at the last minute not to show up at Dorit’s house without telling her cast mates.

The soap opera actress later revealed in her confessional that she knew Brandi would be in attendance.

Viewers questioned how Denise was privy to this information while the other housewives acted surprised with Brandi showed up.

They were convinced that the show’s producers set the whole thing up from the very beginning.

The comments on social media prove that most viewers are team Denise, and many took to Twitter to bash the RHOBH producers.

Viewers bash RHOBH producers
Pic credit:@pamdana4ever/Twitter


Viewers bash RHOBH producers
Pic credit:@AllCelebPolls/Twitter


Next up is the RHOBH reunion, and we simply cannot wait!

The first of the three-part online reunion will air on Wednesday, September 2.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Doris Walker
Doris Walker
3 years ago

Fire the Producers! They set this whole season up to discredit Denise Richards! They constantly appeared on camera directing these women! The Fans are not that Dumb! We see thru this vile plot. They were trying to keep from getting canceled after driving LVP from the show!