RHOBH: Dorit Kemsley responds after Garcelle Beauvais sends her a shady birthday message

Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley RHOBH
Dorit Kemsley responds to shady birthday message from Garcelle Beauvais Pic Credit: Bravo

Garcelle Beauvais wished Dorit Kemsley the shadiest of happy birthdays this week by bringing up Dorit’s past comments about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars. Not to be outdone, Dorit, ever the good sport, offered her very own cheeky response to her frenemy’ post.

Garcelle Beauvais is the queen of low-key shade, on RHOBH and her well-wishes for Dorit were completely on-brand for the sophomore housewife. Garcelle posted a picture of Dorit’s fishy namesake, with a caption that read, “Happy birthday @doritkemsley from your “InAuthentic” friend hope your day is as FABULOUS as you are!!”

Garcelle shades Dorit with a callback to a much earlier dig about her RHOBH cast

The caption is a shady reference to Dorit’s conversation with Access Hollywood in May in which she was asked who was the fakest of the RHOBH cast – a reference to an earlier comment from Garcelle about the cast being “great actors.” To Dorit’s credit, she initially tried to evade the question, gracefully but was finally pressed to land on Garcelle as her final answer as the most inauthentic.

Dorit’s comment in response proves the bad blood is probably overblown because her reply seems mostly good-natured. Seemingly unfazed, she writes, “I’ll take it.”

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The drama referenced in Garcelle’s post took place before the current season began, at a premiere watch party at Kathy Hilton’s house. Since then, the fireworks between Garcelle and Dorit have been the least of this seasons’ troubles.

That could change soon, according to Garcelle herself. She appeared on Watch What Happens Live in late June and cryptically teased an upcoming feud with Dorit.

She answered a viewer question about the feud between Dorit and Kyle, saying, “I think Dorit is really sensitive when it comes to her talking a lot so I think we interject.”

She followed that with a chuckle and a challenge, “Keep watching because it’s my turn.” Apparently, there’s beef coming between the two.

There might be drama brewing between Garcelle and Dorit

As the resident level-head, Garcelle has been the peacemaker in the weird and ongoing feud between Sutton and Crystal and she hasn’t had much opportunity to mix it up with Dorit.

Garcelle has her hands full with her new bestie, Sutton. As the conflict between her and the brand new housewife ratchets up, Sutton unravels more and more, leaning on Garcelle for help in squashing the matter.

Dorit, on the other hand, seems to be choosing her battles and her looks very carefully, because there has been little conflict to speak of between her and any of the other ladies.

Other than the spat Garcelle referenced on WHHL, there’s not a lot happening for her this season, so viewers will have to wait to see whatever conflict she’s promising unfolds.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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