RHOA: Cynthia Bailey reportedly accuses Mike Hill of cheating, here’s his response

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill
RHOA star Cynthia Bailey allegedly accused ex Mike Hill of infidelity and he’s now responded. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The Real Housewives of Atlanta personality Cynthia Bailey is currently in the midst of her divorce from Mike Hill. While it was presumed the former couple had separated amicably, new court documents seemingly state otherwise.

According to new court documents, Cynthia reportedly claimed Mike was unfaithful to her, and that was the reason for their divorce.

In the documents obtained by Page Six, Cynthia’s petition claimed she “is entitled to a divorce from the Respondent [Hill] due to inappropriate adulterous relations and moral ethics in his conduct.”

Despite the initial filing, Mike denies the allegations.

After hearing of the latest development, the Fox Sports host responded to the claims stating the notice within the petition was made in “error.”

“[Cynthia’s legal team will be] releasing statements retracting this,” he shared.

Mike Hill denies claim he cheated on RHOA star Cynthia Bailey amidst their divorce

While speaking to the outlet, Mike attempted to set the record straight, revealing he continues to have both “love and respect” for his soon-to-be ex-wife despite the end of their union.

He continued to point out that Cynthia herself had previously confirmed there was no infidelity within their marriage.

“There was never at any time in our marriage any inappropriate adulterous relations,” he clarified.

Mike maintains he and Cynthia remain “the best of friends.”

Of course, the latest declaration of love and respect doesn’t erase the previous rumors and allegations that Mike had sent inappropriate pictures of himself to another woman.

The initial allegations came just one year after Mike and Cynthia had wed.

However, even at the time, Cynthia denied the claims.

Cynthia confirms divorce from Mike has nothing to do with infidelity

Cynthia also responded to the claims that she filed for divorce due to Mike’s cheating allegations and admitted the statement was indeed an error.

According to the longtime RHOA star, their divorce did not come as a result of anyone’s infidelity but instead was a “mutual” decision “based upon irreconcilable differences.”

Cynthia also insisted she had never accused her ex of cheating or being unfaithful.

She then echoed his sentiments, sharing that although they weren’t able to make it work as husband and wife, they are still “and always will be” great friends.

Putting any final questions to rest, attorney Daniel R. Meachum added the initial filing between the former couple was “incorrect” and further confirmed their divorce had nothing to do with cheating in any form.

“The sole reason for the pending divorce is due to only irreconcilable differences,” they added.

Amended documentation is set to be filed in order to correct the situation.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus.

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