RHOA: Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill reach settlement agreement in divorce

RHOA star Cynthia Bailey won't be getting any spousal support from Mike Hill.
RHOA star Cynthia Bailey reached a financial settlement with soon-to-be ex-husband Mike Hill. Pic credit: @cynthiabailey/Instagram

Less than two months after they announced that they were going their separate ways, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are very close to being officially divorced. The couple has reached a settlement agreement.

Mike was the first to sign on the dotted line on October 20, whereas The Real Housewives of Atlanta star followed suit 11 days later.

According to court documents, the couple agreed that there wasn’t any chance of a reconciliation.

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In the agreement, the Fox Sports host acknowledged that “The marriage is irretrievably broken.” He also declined to pay Cynthia any alimony, and she returned the sentiment.

The couple had kept their finances separate during their marriage, which allowed for the divorce proceedings to go quicker.

They each are homeowners and had their financial, insurance, and retirement plans separately. Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will remember Cynthia purchasing a home on a lake. She named her proud acquisition Lake Bailey.

RHOA: Cynthia Bailey wants her divorce records sealed

Cynthia wants to avoid any embarrassment or harm to her public image or Mike’s. Therefore, her divorce is not yet finalized.

The former model filed a motion last week to seal future records. She explained that she and Mike are public figures and that they wanted to protect their privacy.

She also pointed out that she wanted to protect their mental health from what the public could say if they found out some of the details that led to their divorce.

The court documents obtained by Page Six state, “The parties assert that there are certain private matters concerning the dissolution of their marriage which may raise issues concerning both the moral character and embarrassing acts of one of the parties.”

Cynthia Bailey says she is in love

Amidst her divorce proceedings, Cynthia posted on social media that she was falling in love with herself.

Looks like the reality star will be taking the time, to assess, reflect and bathe in some major self-love.

The actress recently revealed that she decided to end her marriage once she realized she and Mike were beginning to lose their friendship.

There were some cheating allegations, but both Cynthia and her soon-to-be ex-husband denied them.

The reality star had left The RHOA after 11 years on the show to protect her marriage. She moved to Los Angeles, where Mike resided, to pursue acting and did so with great success.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on hiatus.

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