Reality Steve thinks watching The Bachelor is weird now and all storylines are irrelevant

The Bachelor women
Watching The Bachelor will be pointless from now on. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor with Matt James was supposed to be a big leap forward for the franchise, because it featured Matt as the first person of color as the lead.

However, the season managed to put the franchise back years over recent scandals and not vetting contestants prior to casting them on the show.

Plus, Chris Harrison stepped away from his hosting duties after not condemning racism during an interview with Rachel Lindsay, where he was asked to address recent photos of Rachael Kirkconnell from a party in 2018.

Given the recent developments in Bachelor Nation, fans already know the outcome of Matt’s season and whether he is still with his final pick.

Reality Steve says the current season won’t be the same

Reality Steve, who has been partly responsible for spoiling the reason, is now reflecting on everything he knows given there are still weeks left of the season.

He admits that watching the show now is simply not the same.

“Watching these last few episodes is just gonna be…weird,” he wrote in a tweet.

“Nothing about any of these storylines are relevant anymore, knowing what we know now.”

Reality Steve
Pic credit: @realitysteve/Twitter

During Monday’s episode, Serena Pitt decided to eliminate herself after realizing that she was missing some major components in her relationship with Matt. It simply wasn’t where she wanted it to be.

Michelle Young, who joined the show a few weeks in, seemingly won over Matt. Bri Springs also impressed Matt, even though she revealed that she had to quit her job to meet him. However, spoilers have revealed that Matt will pick Rachael Kirkconnell in the end, though he will not propose.

Reality Steve has followed along with every development

Reality Steve has followed along every development along the way and was quick to share Matt’s statement on his own social media this week.

Matt James issued a statement this week, revealing he was completely heartbroken by recent events. he also shared that he was disappointed and that the last couple of weeks had been some of the toughest in his life.

Matt’s statement came after Reality Steve reported that Matt and Rachael had broken up. Steve had previously revealed that Matt didn’t propose to Rachael, but instead gave her a promise ring.

That scene, along with the After The Final Rose follow-up, is expected to air in a couple of weeks on ABC. As of right now, we don’t know who the host will be.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Bachelor Fan
Bachelor Fan
3 years ago

You’re right. It’s absolutely a waste to watch the rest of the season. When Chris is still there; we wonder when he will be edited out. When Rachael is there; we wonder what Matt would do if he knew then what he knows now. (Answer is send her home FAST). Maybe he would have given wonderful Michelle a real shot. It’s just ruined and very sad.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bachelor Fan

I agree it is ruin! I felt he should had chosen Michelle he should go back and ask for her forgiveness. They had so much in common it was if God had made her just for him… l feel he let true love got away… I can’t see what he didn’t see that everyone else seem or maybe not everyone but mostly everyone. Rachael was a pretty young lady but truly not the Love of his life… Maybe he felt Michelle wasn’t the Love of his life but I would have given her the chance or as you said a real shot…. Michelle never change yourself you are a strong and beautiful woman and Matt will look back on what he lost. Your true Love will find you and he will see the beauty that we all seen in you.