Real Housewives All-Stars? Tamra Judge claims Bravo super show is coming

Is there a Real Housewives All Stars show coming to Bravo?
Tamra is teasing a Real Housewives All-Stars as the newest franchise in the hit series. Pic credit: Bravo

Tamra Judge claims Real Housewives All-Stars is coming to Bravo and was previously planned before the coronavirus pandemic shut down television production.

Image a show featuring the biggest names in the franchise, who cause the most drama, all coming together for a Bravo super show. It sounds like a dream for fans of Real Housewives, but it might just be more than wishful thinking.

What Tamra said about the super show

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum spilled the news during an Instagram Live chat with Steve from @facesbybravo. Steve calls himself a Real Housewives Historian and even has a dedicated YouTube channel to dish all things in the franchise.

It didn’t take long for Steve to broach the idea of Real Housewives All-Stars. Much to his and fans’ surprise, Tamra spilled that Bravo already had such a show in the works.

“They are doing that,” she dished. “They started casting right before COVID hit, and I know a few people that were casted, and then they had to shut it down because you obviously can’t travel. So, I know it’s in the works, but who knows, with COVID, everything is just kind of put on hold.”

Tamra isn’t saying if she was approached or if she would appear on the new show. One thing Tamra has made crystal clear. She will not be returning to RHOC any time soon.

More details a Real Housewives All-Stars is in the works

Although Tamra’s chat with Steve got the rumor mill buzzing about a Real Housewives All-Stars, social media sleuths have discovered Bravo teased it recently as well.

The network used Twitter to pose a “hypothetical” question to fans. Bravo wanted to know which seven ladies from all the Real Housewives franchises would viewers like to see filmed stranded on an island together. Fan responses varied, but one Tweet got noticed.

Bethenny Frankel replied, “this one is easy,” prompting fans to speculate she would be in for an All-Stars show.

Bravo Tweets about Real Housewives All-Stars
Pic credit: @BethennyFrankel/Twitter

There is no question the entire Real Housewives franchise is a mega-hit for Bravo. While some installments like RHOBH or RHONJ provide a little more drama, fans are addicted to all the housewives shows.

Other news bringing fans hope for an All-Star super show is Andy Cohen previously said the show would happen at some point. Andy was hoping to keep the show in his back pocket at least until the franchise needed a little lift.

Real Housewives All-Stars is closer to become a reality than fans could have imagined. Tamra Judge is dishing about the show with Bravo teasing fans with the concept too.

Who would be in your dream All-Stars cast?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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