Rachel Recchia’s high school prom date sends luck to contestants meeting her dad

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia’s high school prom date is wishing her remaining men good luck. Pic credit: ABC

Amidst next week’s “most emotional finale in Bachelorette history,” leading lady Rachel Recchia’s high school prom date has something to say to her remaining contestants.

Rachel, who is one of the two Bachelorettes this season alongside Gabby Windey, has had quite her own journey on the show thus far. Heading into next week’s episode, Rachel will make the decision on which of her three remaining men she will be sending home.

As the season comes to a close, family tends to come into play — with the leading ladies having already met the parents of their contestants during the hometown dates.

However, when it comes to meeting Rachel’s parents, someone from her past has recently stepped in to wish her leading men a genuine “good luck.”

TikTok user @after_math1 shared a video playing along with the platform’s “teenage dirtbag” trend, where he first shared a throwback photo of himself at prom alongside Rachel.

Rachel, who looked almost unrecognizable as a brunette, was seen rocking a satin gold gown that perfectly matched her date’s tie. “I Went To Prom With Rachel From The Bachelorette,” the user claimed.

Rachel Recchia’s prom date wishes her Bachelorette contestants luck

He then switched the video to show what he looks like currently, while he stood smiling and shaking his head at the camera.

“Wishing all these guys good luck meeting Her Dad during Hometowns,” he wrote to her remaining men.

Watch the video below:

As if the photo wasn’t enough evidence that the two were prom dates, the Bachelorette herself commented on the video to let him know that her dad, in return, reciprocates the greeting.

Rachel's comment on her prom date's TikTok
Pic credit: @after_math1/TikTok

She wrote, “oh my goodness [smiling-teary-eyed emoji], tony says hi!!”

Rachel Recchia’s dad interrogated Clayton on The Bachelor

Fans of the franchise first got to meet Rachel’s parents, Tony and Mary Anne Recchia, during hometowns on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor.

Tony memorably questioned Clayton in regards to his daughter’s feelings, to which Clayton confirmed that his intentions were not to hurt Rachel — although he didn’t have a “crystal ball” to see exactly where the journey would end up.

Ultimately, Rachel’s dad was unable to give his blessing when it came to an engagement. “Right now, you’re just another face. I really can’t give my blessing,” Tony remarked.

After a messy ending to Clayton’s season and a fresh start as The Bachelorette, Rachel appears to have found genuine connections with all three of her remaining men. However, the preview for next week’s finale has fans on the edge of their seats as she appears to be completely distraught.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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