Rachel Lindsay says she’s received backlash over long-distance marriage to Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay says she’s received backlash for her long-distance marriage. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is speaking out about the backlash she has received lately.

COVID-19 has changed life for everyone, and Rachel is no exception- she recently revealed that she has been forced into a long-distance relationship with her husband due to the pandemic.

Rachel met her now-husband Bryan Abasolo on The Bachelorette and they got engaged. They recently celebrated one year of marriage.

Rachel Lindsay says people don’t support her long-distance marriage to Bryan Abasolo

But she’s now revealing that people don’t understand her decision to live far away from her husband.

In fact, people have been downright harsh about their decision to have a long-distance marriage during COVID-19.

“What people don’t realize is we were pretty much long-distance before [we got married] with all the traveling that I was doing pre-COVID. I didn’t actually have a place somewhere else, but I was never at home because I was always traveling,” she explained to Us Weekly.

“And so for us, you know, we know how to work this out and navigate it, and obviously we have an end goal in mind. This is not a forever situation.”

Rachel claimed that even before COVID, she and Bryan spent much of their time apart. In other words, the long-distance setup isn’t new for the couple, who has learned to navigate long-distance without it affecting their marriage.

Rachel also revealed that she felt people were questioning her marriage, so she wanted to set the record straight. And yet, people still seem to think they are getting a divorce.

“The reason that we decided to let people in on that is because there was so much speculation about whether or not we were still together. I think some of that is because another couple announced that they were getting divorced. So, then people in Bachelor Nation start looking elsewhere to see if there’s, you know, trouble in paradise somewhere else. So, we thought, OK, we’ll go ahead and address it. And people still think we’re getting a divorce,” she explained.

For now, Rachel would just like people to know that she’s happy and she and Bryan can easily make the long-distance relationship work for now.

Rachel Lindsay is known for speaking her mind

It’s surprising that she’s facing backlash from Bachelor fans about her marriage. Ashley and JP Rosenbaum recently announced that they were splitting up after six years of marriage. It came as a big surprise as the couple had been living a private life with their two kids.

Rachel believes that fans are digging into other relationships to see how strong they really are.

Plus, Rachel is no stranger to criticism from Bachelor viewers.

Back in the summer, Rachel spoke out against Becca and Garrett’s relationship after his support for All Lives Matter. She was very vocal about her dislike for Garrett.

She has even taken aim at the Bachelor franchise. Rachel has revealed she’s embarrassed by The Bachelor franchise’s lack of diversity.

The Bachelor airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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