Rachel Lindsay gushes about her supportive husband Bryan Abasolo as they continue their long-distance marriage

Rachel and Bryan
Rachel Lindsay speaks out about her supportive husband, Bryan Abasolo. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is speaking out after being catapulted into the spotlight after her controversial interview with Chris Harrison.

Rachel didn’t realize what she would be getting herself into when she asked Chris some tough questions.

Within hours of the interview, Chris faced criticism and sparked outrage over his answers.

While Bachelor Nation rallied around Rachel and called for Chris Harrison to step down, Rachel seemed to stand alone in her fight against the franchise.

Within days, members of Bachelor Nation started to release statements, sharing that they were on Rachel’s side.

Rachel Lindsay calls her husband the most supportive partner

Now, Rachel herself is revealing that she wouldn’t be able to do everything she does without her supportive husband, Bryan Abasolo.

She provided this information during a live AMA on Reddit, where she was asked whether she discusses Bachelor Nation things with Bryan and how he supports her.

“Bryan is the most supportive partner. He is literally sitting next to me right now and reading these questions with me lol. I would not have strength and willpower to do the things I do without Bryan,” she replied. “Very grateful for him. Yes we definitely have these conversations. It’s so important that we are on the same page.”

Bryan Abasolo
Pic credit: @bachelorreddit/Instagram

For Rachel to put Chris on the spot and take on a franchise where she currently has a contract takes guts. Rachel admits that it is helpful to have the support of Bryan, even though they are currently in a bi-coastal marriage.

While he’s busy building a business in Miami, Rachel is mostly in Los Angeles as part of her work with the podcast and her newest hosting gig with Extra.

Rachel Lindsay has become an icon in Bachelor Nation

After everything she has gone through in the past couple of days, she has become an icon in Bachelor Nation. Even though fans believe she would be the perfect person to take over for Chris to host the show, Rachel has revealed she probably won’t renew her ABC contract once it is up.

Rachel’s husband Bryan Abasolo has revealed that he fully supports his wife in her decisions and was proud of her for confronting Chris over what had happened. Bryan added that he had lost respect for Chris after the interview.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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