Rachel Hargrove reveals if she will attend Below Deck Season 10 reunion

Chef Rachel Hargrove Below Deck Season 10
Rachel has the best response to whethe she will be at the Below Deck Season 10 reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Rachel Hargrove has revealed if she will attend the Below Deck Season 10 reunion show in only the way the sarcastic, witty manner fans have come to expect from her.

The chef’s making her third appearance on the OG Below Deck show.

Captain Sandy Yawn has shaken things up for Rachel this time around, as Captain Lee Rosbach had to leave temporarily due to health issues.

As Season 10 hits the back half with a little more than a handful of episodes left, talk of a reunion show has been circulating on Twitter.

This week one Twitter user took aim at stew Alissa Humber after the most recent episode where she clashed with Rachel. The user also expressed that the chef will likely have some “choice words” for Alissa at the reunion.

In true Rachel fashion, she had a witty response for the user.

“I will be getting my snatch waxed that day so I won’t make it, unfortunately… hopefully, they won’t clip a lip this time,” Rachel tweeted.

Rachel Hargrove reunion reply.
Pic credit: @BeckyGMartinez/Twitter

Yes, the chef’s really washing her hands of Below Deck and Bravo. For those who don’t recall what went down, here’s a little refresher on what went down last summer.

Rachel Hargrove puts Below Deck and Bravo on blast

In July 2022, the talented chef went on a social media rant that put Below Deck and Bravo on blast as she declared she was done with both. Rachel fired off a series of tweets that ended with her making it clear she no longer wanted to be associated with Below Deck.

At the time, Rachel was scheduled to be a BravoCon last fall. However, she was no longer on the list after her words on social media.

Since then, the chef has done nothing to promote Season 10 of Below Deck.

She did acknowledge when the trailer dropped that she was part of the season. It was filmed last winter, months before she chose to call out the network and Below Deck.

Rachel further solidified her thoughts on the yachting franchise when one Twitter user wanted Rachel’s thoughts on chef Jess Condy from Below Deck Adventure.

“I don’t watch my own seasons… so… that should answer the question,” the chef replied.

Rachel Below Deck Adventure comment
Pic credit: @HargroveRachel/Twitter

Despite her feelings toward the show, Rachel has nothing but love for fans.

Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove thanks a fan for their support

While Rachel has done everything in her power to separate herself from Below Deck, she did appreciate the fans and support.

One Twitter user declared that Rachel in an RV driving across the country cooking for people should be a show. The user wondered how that wasn’t a show, but Below Deck Adventure was a thing.

“Thank you everyone!” she responded.

Rachel thanks fan
Pic credit: @fusillijerry/Twitter

Rachel Hargrove may be over Below Deck, but fans are not over her, at least not yet. There’s plenty of Season 10 to play out, and chief stew Fraser Olender recently shaded the chef, alluding to drama coming between them that may change viewers’ minds.

Whatever happens, Rachel won’t be at the reunion show, and that should come as no surprise since she’s insisted that she’s done with the yachting franchise.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 year ago

In the beginning, I was not crazy about the drinking Rachel, but she has really grown on everyone. She is a really good chef, but needs a good interior crew to maintain an organized & professional food experience. Unfortunately, she was not given that this season and it doesn’t look to get any better. Wishing her the best for her future and after her departure and Capt. Lee’s, I’m no longer going to watch BD. It’s deteriorated into a pathetic version of Housewives. Left those already – you can only watch junior high school antics for so long.

1 year ago

I think you are amazing. Your humor is beyond. People just don’t get the pressure tou endure and the comedic way tou handle it.
You are ny hero.

1 year ago

And thwn…other peos were way more off the charts. I did notnunderstand the why unprofessional coworkers were so judgmental. I watched the show bc I wanted here what tou say next…and I salivate over your food art.