Quani from Black Ink Crew’s Instagram shows Puma’s wife isn’t worried about Ceaser

Quani on Black Ink Crew
Quani still isn’t sure about trusting Ceaser now that he and Puma have made up. Pic credit: VH1

After years of feuding, Ceaser and Puma are back together for Season 8 of Black Ink Crew, even though Puma’s wife Quani isn’t happy about it. The outspoken mother of two was shown a few times as the episode titled Cease is 50 played and she took every opportunity to tell both Puma and Ceaser how she felt.

While Puma may be willing to forgive Ceaser for their feud that started five years ago, Quani has not. She still vividly remembers the night Ceaser threw Puma out of Black Ink, resulting in him starting his own shop. Not to mention the fight she got into with Ceaser outside the shop, as well as a movie theater beat down that left Quani with a black eye.

While we still don’t know if Quani will ever forgive Ceaser and move on, it’s pretty clear that she’s not letting the beef with the Black Ink owner into other aspects of her life either.

If you check out Quani Robinson’s Instagram, it’s easy to see where her priorities lie and that it is with her family. She often posts photos of her kids, herself, and there are even a few pictures of Puma in there. What we don’t see are any posts about Ceaser Emanuel or Black Ink.

Since the last time we saw them on Black Ink Crew, Quani and Puma welcomed a new child, a son named Zaiden, who recently turned six months old. With a growing family, Puma argued with Quani that he decided to partner back up with Ceaser in order to add another business and the income stream that comes with it to his portfolio.

That’s fair enough since it’s no secret that raising children in New York isn’t cheap. Whether or not the reunion between Puma and Ceaser will cause drama still remains to be seen, but we’re betting there will be some bumps along the way.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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